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Holly Kennedy & James Turner

England Holly Kennedy & James Turner


The whole process of buying property as freelancers here in the Netherlands would not have been at all possible without Expat Mortgages! Stephania was knowledgable, professional and fantastic to communicate with. Our mortgage was approved in record time and we were able to bri...


Italie Luca


Expat Mortgages team provided great support to obtain my mortgage really fast. In particular, Chris and Selina always had an answer and solution for all my request. Very professional. Definitely recommend!

Mariarosaria Losco

Nederland Mariarosaria Losco


My experience with Expat Mortgage, especially Henk and Lars , was great. They help me step by step, everything was super clear and very organized. Many thanks, Mariarosaria


Italie Michela


I got recommended to use Expat Mortgages and I am so glad I followed the recommendation I got. Buying a house with their help was easy and stress-free. I did not have to take time off work because they always tried to meet me at the office and they really took care of everythi...

Spencer & Allison Woolcott

USA Spencer & Allison Woolcott


My wife and I would highly recommend working with Expat Mortgages. They made the whole process easy-to-understand, while getting us a mortgage quickly and affordably. The team was excellent to work with -- responsive communications and happy to answer any questions that we had...

Gustavo Scalabrin & Monica Cella

Brazilie  Italie Gustavo Scalabrin & Monica Cella


I am really pleased with Expat Mortages services. Special thanks to Wouter Hofstee Holtrop and Daniëlle de Horde for their availability, agility, transparency and advices throughout the process.

Natacha Andonovski Carter & J. Floyd Carter III

Frankrijk  Verenigde staten Natacha Andonovski Carter & J. Floyd Carter III


Superb service at every step on the part of Stephania. We could not be more pleased how smoothly things went and to have someone so knowledgeable leading us through the process.

Frederico & Erica Recsky

Brazilie Frederico & Erica Recsky


We are really happy with the service, always answering the questions and helping with all details making sure that we did everything correct to get the mortgage. Big thanks to Chris and Henk that were great with us.

Rohit Joshi & Meghna Singh

India Rohit Joshi & Meghna Singh


I would highly recommend Simon & the Expat Team. Fantastic advise, clear messaging, great response times...i was extremely impressed with their professionalism. They were instrumental in making the entire process smooth.

 Stefan & Daniela Cirneci

Roemenie Stefan & Daniela Cirneci


The mortgage progress went smooth and although we had quite a tight deadline, the deed was signed in time. We got all expected esupport, the team being very proficient. I definitely recommend working with Expat Mortgages...

Simone Hainz

Italie Simone Hainz


Exceeded all expectations!! Our experience with Expat mortgages has been amazing. Our contact, Woulter , walked us through the process without missing a beat. He provided promt feedback, which allowed us to make the best decision. Hats off to expat mortgages.. definitely will ...

Mehmet Koral

Turkije Mehmet Koral


Although it took me quite some time to find a suitable house and also had needed to make a cancellation of an agreement once for a house, Expat Mortgages have always helped and showed great composure during the whole process.

Totally a combined group of great professio...

James Hensby

united kingdom James Hensby


Fantastic help with everything! Great people and great service!

Mun Jung & Nayoung Kim

Zuid-Korea Mun Jung & Nayoung Kim


My experience with Expat Mortgage, especially Henk and Selina, was really great. Even though it was the first time for me to buy a property in the Netherlands, everything went very smooth, and every step was well explained. I would like to express my gratitude to their effort ...

Roxana & Constantin Bogdan

Roemenie Roxana & Constantin Bogdan


Excellent advise from Expat Mortgages, Wouter and the team helped us finance our new bought house. I will continue to recommend the team to any expat looking for a house in the Netherlands. Great service and friendly team.

Qiuying Zhu

China Qiuying Zhu


Thank you for your work.You are all responsible for your work.Good luck for you and your company.Happy new year!

Hugo Goossen & Michelle Nesty

Nederland Hugo Goossen & Michelle Nesty


Thanks for professional assistance and execution by Chris and Danielle during the process of obtaining our new home.

Amandine Ayala

Frankrijk Amandine Ayala


I think it's safe to say that without Richardo from Expat Mortgages I would not be living in my own, lovely Amsterdam flat today. He took care of absolutely everything for me and still managed to reassure me when time was running out and things were getting a bit tougher, ...

Abishek Choudhury

India Abishek Choudhury


Maikel Ros and his team made it so easy for me. The process was smooth. I just provided the necessary documents and expat mortgages did the rest. Their advise to be has been invaluable. Even after the process of buying the house was completed, Maikel has been advising me and a...

Barney Hobson & Aline Morley

united kingdom Barney Hobson & Aline Morley


Thanks very much for all your help. Great service. Great value. Great shoes.

Victor Nagoryanskii & Maryna Golub

Oekraine Victor Nagoryanskii & Maryna Golub


I would like to thank Chris, Margriet and whole Expat Mortgages team! I never would have thought that arranging finances for buying your house might be so easy! Everything from first meeting to the key transfer went smooth, fast and professionally. Thank you guys!

Mihaela Farcas

Roemenie Mihaela Farcas


Arranging for the right kind of mortgage and choosing the best lender for my situation went smooth and fast. There was nothing i had to worry about, they handled everything on my behalf, keeping me informed at all the times with the progress. Fast turn around, very friendly te...

Richard Winterbine & Amy Woolley

Australie  Ierland Richard Winterbine & Amy Woolley


Great experience working with Henk, Lars and the team. The process was quick and the team were very responsive, knowledgeable and informative. All of our questions were answered in detail. I will continue to recommend Expat Mortgages to my friends who are braving the real esta...

Marieke Rijksen & Lachlan Molony

Nederland  Australie Marieke Rijksen & Lachlan Molony


We would not have been able to purchase our investment property in The Netherland without the excellent assistance of Ruby. She surpassed out expectations and ended up finding us a way to mortgage our house n a buy-to-let basis, something that isn't done very commonly in T...

Ella Nirmala & Radostin Filkov

Indonesie  bulgarije Ella Nirmala & Radostin Filkov


We've heard many stories of Expat Mortgage's good reputation from our friends, so we decided to contact them. From the beginning of our meeting, Stephania (our advisor) has been so helpful. All the meeting and report was crystal clear, and the communication was very re...

Clara Song

Zuid-Korea Clara Song


Chris and his team provided a service that exceeded all my expectations and enabled me to purchase our home which we love. Chris provided detailed information and followed up in a timely manner throughout. Although my case was probably a non-standard case that involved many st...

Eugene Storchevyi

Oekraine Eugene Storchevyi


Thank you very much Expat mortgages! You help me a lot with finance part of buying my house. Highly recommended service and friendly professionals.

Jonas Svensson

Zweden Jonas Svensson


Being an expat and buying a house in super busy Amsterdam is hard! I would never make it myself without help from expat-mortgages. The process went very smooth and fast. And there was not particular hard to understand all the rules involved getting a mortgage when expat-mortga...

Thomas Edwards

united kingdom Thomas Edwards


This was my first time purchasing a home and I learnt quickly that the system was very different to the one I've seen in the UK. After trying to go through the process myself I had very little success with misinformation being presented from multiple different banks and mo...

Nebojsa Zivanovic & Violeta Veljkovic

Servie  Kroatie Nebojsa Zivanovic & Violeta Veljkovic


Excellent service! Thank you for support and possibility to reach you at anytime. Especially for explaining about rules and law that was very important for me. And final remark, I never saw the bank! :)

Ameya & Priyanka Bhide

India Ameya & Priyanka Bhide


We are extremely happy with the service provided by Expat Mortgages. Our financial advisor was Stephania Ammerlaan, who was very professional, friendly, fast and gave us great advice. Thank you, Stephania and Expat Mortgages for guiding us through the entire process.

Paul Moreno

Verenigde staten Paul Moreno


I had a great experience with Expat Mortgages. After speaking to others, I was impressed by how clear and detailed the entire process was explained. They walked me through the whole way and put me in touch with all the right contacts on request! I would highly recommend them t...

Pedro Grais de Braganca Bruno & Sofia Coelho Soares

Portugal Pedro Grais de Braganca Bruno & Sofia Coelho Soares


We were fully supported during the major steps, from analyzing our options for the loan, securing it and finally confirm everything was ok at the notary. It was a painless and smooth process.

Anibal Rivero Briceño & Maria Raffay Torres

Spanje Anibal Rivero Briceño & Maria Raffay Torres


I must say that I was very pleased with all the time and help received from expat mortgages. Also all the aid in translating/understanding the Nederlander purchase contract. I can recommend Expat mortgages to any one who likes to buy a house in The Nederlands. I must say that ...

Clare & Mike Robinson

united kingdom Clare & Mike Robinson


We found that purchasing a new home in Amsterdam was to be a very different experience to what we had been used to in the UK. The guys at Expat mortgages however made the whole process extremely smooth, easy to understand and offered as much support and guidance as we needed. ...

Enrico Gueli & Claretta Brancatelli

Italie Enrico Gueli & Claretta Brancatelli


A huge THANK YOU for the time and effort that you and your team have dedicated to our case! Without your help, we would certainly have lost this opportunity and we would still continue looking for a house... or even incur into further issues!

Oleg Baidalka

Oekraine Oleg Baidalka


Happy with a service. Thank you for support and possibility to reach anytime. Especially for explaining about rules and law that is very important for me to expat.

Joe & Ngozi Dim

Nederland Joe & Ngozi Dim


We recently acquired a property in The Netherlands and Expat Mortgages were recommended to us for arranging our mortgage. We did exactly as advised and working with them made the process really more straightforward and less stressful. Consequently, everything went well. Stepha...

Giovanni di Geronimo & Anna Grases Feo

Italie  Spanje Giovanni di Geronimo & Anna Grases Feo


e are really happy with the service provided by Expat Mortgages. Our finantial advisor was Richardo an he was an incredible help to us. He made sure that all the information was easy to understand, allowing us to pick the most suitable option to move forward with our investmen...

Nick & Katherine Bailey

united kingdom Nick & Katherine Bailey


It's been great both meeting and working with you and hopefully I've not been too much of a hassle! The quality of service and support provided by you and your company was excellent and hassle free. Made me feel reassured through the process in a foreign market. The gi...

Nikoleta Pantazidou & Ian van Nieuwkoop

Griekenland  Nederland Nikoleta Pantazidou & Ian van Nieuwkoop


Both Ian and myself have been really happy with our choise to turn to you for helping us with the mortgage.
From day 1, our intro meeting, to today we have been and are really pleased.
All went smoothly, easy going, fast and efficient. On the top every meeting was ...

Shauna Kline & Kevan Montgomery

Verenigde staten Shauna Kline & Kevan Montgomery


We had a great experience working with Expat Mortgages. Very professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend their service.

Szymon Rose & Katharina Schablitzki

Duitsland Szymon Rose & Katharina Schablitzki


Thanks SO much for all your fantastic help - you've been such a great support and advisor throughout this process. Very clear, patient and entertaining at the same time (with these sometimes rather dry topics). 


As you know, we like to recommend...

Csaba & Kinga Jolantai

Hongarije Csaba & Kinga Jolantai


Our family purchased a house nearby Amsterdam. Due to language and local laws barriers, we needed a company who could help throughout the whole process. I heard positive things about Expat Mortgages from my colleague and decided to try them. That was a very goid decision to te...

Dragan Oudshoorn

Nederland Dragan Oudshoorn


As first time buyer, expat mortgages really take the time to take you through the process, go above and beyond their responsibilities to take the stress out of purchasing a property. A very straight forward approach, and great communication throughout. Definitely would recomme...

Barka & Jessica Chiroma

Nederland Barka & Jessica Chiroma


We recently purchased a house and using Expat mortgages made it so much easier. We were not sure how to begin but the expert advise and help we got from Richardo and team made the difference for us. I highly recommend their services to any expat interested in purchasing a hous...

Luiza Trofeo

Roemenie Luiza Trofeo


Buying a house with Expat Mortgages was so easy. Everything went fast and efficient with no headache. I felt very comfortable in trusting them so everything just went extremely smooth! I feel lucky to be an expat and being able to take advantage of Expat Mortgages services! :)...

Leanne Fok

Australie Leanne Fok


Buying in a property in a country where you don't speak the native language was always going to be daunting but Simon and his team made everything as painless as I can imagine. Our first meeting (with no obligations after) was very informative and Simon was able to inform ...

Alexandre & Luiza Rodrigues

Brazilie Alexandre & Luiza Rodrigues


Expat Mortgage was a big help for us in the process of buying a house and getting our mortgage here. They were always super available, patient and clear about all the information. I totally recommend their services if you want a no stress and smooth mortgage process. :).

Paula Bergasa Suso

Spanje Paula Bergasa Suso


It was a great service, always thinking ahead and didn't have to worry at all. I would definitively recommend Expat Mortgages

Sam Taylor & Sachiko Nomura

Ierland Sam Taylor & Sachiko Nomura


I didnât have the foggiest idea on how to organise a house purchase in the Netherlands. Expat Mortgages helped me with clear and precise information in English, which was invaluable, and managed the process from start to finish. They were also able to recommend an excell...

Darren Baradhan & Nana Halonen

Nederland Darren Baradhan & Nana Halonen


A-Z. That is how we were taken care off. Communication and information was crystal clear. Our Mortgage advisor, Stephania helped us through out the process and explained everything that needs to be take care off.We felt secure from day one knowing that we are in good hands. St...

Hannah Dawson & Chris Carter

united kingdom Hannah Dawson & Chris Carter


I think we discussed on Monday that it was just over two months from first meeting you to getting the keys, which I'm more than happy with. The tax arrangements are ongoing, but I've every expectation they will be smooth also. I'd happily use your services again an...

Suchita & Raghu Warrier

India Suchita & Raghu Warrier


We recently purchased a house in The Netherlands and were recommended to hire Expat Mortgages to arrange our mortgage. It was the best decision that we made. Everything was arranged for us by them and we didn't have to worry about a single thing. Worth every cent we spent....

Mikhail Puzanov & Marina Dedova

Rusland Mikhail Puzanov & Marina Dedova


My wife and me discovered Expat Mortgages on one of the Expat Housing seminars and decided to use their service for choosing the financing option. The overall experience was very positive; Simon, our mortgage advisor, has taken care of all the paperwork and has handled all the...

Stamatia Chatzicharalampous

Griekenland Stamatia Chatzicharalampous


Choosing to buy a house as an expat can be totally chaotic. Having an experienced advisor as Stephania definitely gave me the confidence and trust to go for it. Working with Expat Mortgages made the process really straightforward and stress-free. I would no doubt recommend to ...

Andrey Shelestov & Maria Bannykh

Rusland Andrey Shelestov & Maria Bannykh


We had absolutely amazing experience with Expat Mortgage who helped us a lot to buy our house in the Netherlands. It was done in a quick, efficient and very professional way. Wouter and the team know everything about the process (including tax, insurance and bank guarantees) s...

Vijay Jayanthi & Vaishno Rayanapati

India Vijay Jayanthi & Vaishno Rayanapati


Our experience with them has been great and I would definitely recommend Expat Mortgages for expats looking to buy a house in Netherlands. The service provided was outstanding and we were very well informed by Chris at every stage of the process.

Beatriz Vega Gomez

Spanje Beatriz Vega Gomez


I bought my apartment in Amsterdam with the help of Expat mortgages and I just have to say it was everything perfect! Richardo was super fast, available all the time, very flexible and between him and the team, I got all my questions replied and clarified very quickly and very...

Grant Bryce & Marlena Maikranz-Bryce

Australie Grant Bryce & Marlena Maikranz-Bryce


I was very happy with the service I received from Expat Mortgages. Within days of contacting them Wouter came to my home and quickly prepared an accurate assessment for us to take forward into the buying process. This diligence helped us secure our offer which gave the selling...

Thomas Macquart & Soraia Calvelhe Saraiva de Carvalho

Frankrijk  Portugal Thomas Macquart & Soraia Calvelhe Saraiva de Carvalho


Working with expats mortgages was a good experience. They provide help in every steps of the process with professionalism.

Akwasi Osei & Karolina Kavanova

Nederland Akwasi Osei & Karolina Kavanova


When we decided on buying an apartment in Amsterdam, we visited a couple of mortgage firms and were told we couldnât for various reasons. Meeting Expat Mortgages was, for us, going to be the last attempt to secure a mortgage. And it turned out to be - with a positive out...

Gregor Blair & Viktorija Draciuk

united kingdom  Litouwen Gregor Blair & Viktorija Draciuk


Expat Mortgages guided us through a process with tight deadlines, were very professional and explained everything to us so that we understood clearly. They were moreover very friendly and always available to call.

Jeremy & Tracey Prince

Verenigde staten Jeremy & Tracey Prince


Wouter and the team were very helpful with our mortgage and flat buying experience every step of the way. It was worth the money to know that someone was handling all of the complicated details and requesting specific actions of me to move the process forward. No guess work an...

Elmar Abramov

Nederland Elmar Abramov


Hello To All I just gut my Mortgages Thanks to Expat Mortgages I must Say when other Company's couldn't do the job Expat Mortgages did it !!! I am Glad so much ... Maikel Ros Erkend Hypotheek Adviseur my family love you you did great work with us Thank you :)

Paris Carr

united kingdom Paris Carr


I can highly recommend Expat Mortgages. The service was thorough, reliable and made the whole process a pleasure.

Ionut Popescu

Roemenie Ionut Popescu


The mortgage went super smooth, everything was taken care of Expat Mortgages, so no stress from my side. they kept track of all the documents and made sure to ask and help for what was needed, this also resulted in receiving my mortgage in a record time. I highly recommend the...

Sandrine Ott & Alex Bethell

Frankrijk  Nederland Sandrine Ott & Alex Bethell


I was recommended expat mortgages from various colleagues in my organisation who had used their services. I was not dissapointed. Combined with the real estate agent their recommended me, they have made this experience seem so easy and effortless. I never imagined it would be ...

Morgane Lombardi & Alvin Machia

Frankrijk  United Kingdom Morgane Lombardi & Alvin Machia


We were very happy with the service provided to us by Expat Mortgages. As neither one of us spoke/read fluent Dutch, E.M. were invaluable in getting everything translated. They (especially Richardo) were also extremely helpful in explaining and securing the mortgage. E.M. were...

Justin Steinhardt

Verenigde staten Justin Steinhardt


I was in a hurry to purchase a home in Amsterdam and as an ex-pat had no idea where to begin, nor the time to do all the research. A friend referred me to Expat Mortgages and from the first consultation I felt very comfortable in my home buying process. They gave a clear overv...

Rom & Tal Shaked

Nederland Rom & Tal Shaked


We were introduced with Expat Mortgages and Richardo when we first started our re-location process while still living back in Israel. From the beginning, even though the move was in the far future, Richardo and all the staff were patient, professional and mainly experts in eve...

Stefan & Angelika Fahrngruber

Nederland Stefan & Angelika Fahrngruber


It was the first time for us to buy a house and on top of it in a new country. So having an experienced advisor like Richardo gave us a lot of comfort. He has been very helpful and patient during the very long process of our property purchase. Even when the bank delayed our mo...

Alexander Stoakes & Jodie Tanner

united kingdom Alexander Stoakes & Jodie Tanner


We sought out expat-mortgages after hearing great reviews from colleagues who had used them and had a good experience. Jodie and I were not disappointed. Maikel was very helpful and patient with us as first time buyers. We would definitely recommend expat-mortgages to friends....

Thais & Renan Goncalves

Brazilie Thais & Renan Goncalves


Looking at so many zeros at the house price and all the paperwork needed in order to get this money is, at the very least, frightening. However after the first meeting with Wouter, from Expat Mortgages, we immediately knew that we were in good hands. This trust paid off: in ab...

Diego Millo & Margot Massarutto

italie Diego Millo & Margot Massarutto


We are so pleased we chose to use Expat Mortgages services! We were assisted from start to finish in a professional and friendly way. I particularly liked the fast reactions per email and in general the quality level of the services. I have already recommended them to friends ...

James Rollin & Georgia Graham

united kingdom  australie James Rollin & Georgia Graham


We had the best service and advise given to us by Expat Mortgages. Everything was very easy and smooth sailing and we always felt informed and looked after! Would definitely recommend!

Luciano Zorzetto

Italie Luciano Zorzetto


I chose Expat Mortgages for both my previous and current house and once more I was very happy with them. They're frank and thorough along the whole process and I particularly appreciated the dossier they create for you, very rich and written in understandable terms.

Maria Alvarado

Venezuela Maria Alvarado


I was advised to contact Expat Mortgages by colleagues who recently bought their home in The Hague and that are very happy and satisfied with the support received by their adviser. I worked with Simon Bosschieter and it was a great experience, not only for the advises and supp...

Richard O'Gorman & Jane Whelan

Ierland Richard O'Gorman & Jane Whelan


ts all been a bit crazy since we got the keys last Friday, though wanted to thank you in particular for your help throughout the process. You and your colleague Kenneth were particularly helpful in answering all our questions and made the process much easier to navigate f...

Kunal & Meghana Shetye

India Kunal & Meghana Shetye


We loved our interaction with Expat Mortgage. The entire expat mortgage team was super especially Henk and Ruby for being super quick with their communications. We went from staying in a rented place to moving into our own house in less than 3 months (84 days to be precise). T...

Pablo Chavero Marrón & Andreea Racovita

Spanje  Roemenie Pablo Chavero Marrón & Andreea Racovita


We end up been really happy with full service provided by Expat mortgages. All they did was really well explained and communicate via mail and phone calls. During the whole process they provide details up front and were always willing to help and meet when needed. We would wor...

Remco Kok & Anne van Binsbergen

Nederland Remco Kok & Anne van Binsbergen


Expat Mortgages managed to get the mortgage arranged via our own regular bank which we first didn't manage to get done with our direct contact there, even though they are our 'house bankers' since 25 years. Their service has been very efficient and professional and...

Ger Pizarro

Spanje Ger Pizarro


Expat Mortgages was a fantastic resource to have while in the process of buying a house in the Netherlands. They explained the mortgage terms in great detail and offered good advice. I'd happily recommend them to other expats.

Nathan Beck & Sofija Gugina

united kingdom  polen Nathan Beck & Sofija Gugina


Everyone at Expat Mortgages were very friendly and gave us confidence when buying our first property in a foreign country. Richardo was very patient with my nervous emails and phone calls, and I always felt reassured after talking with him. People say that buying a house is on...

Donna Milo & Eran Efrat

Italie  Frankrijk Donna Milo & Eran Efrat


We had a lot of luck to hear about E.M. From couple of our friends that already had experience with Expat mortgages. Richardo, the agent, (and all the staff) was extremely helpful, effective and lead us throughout all the process in a smooth way, so we didn't deal at all w...

Ionut Durlea

Roemenie Ionut Durlea


Expat Mortgages made the otherwise cumbersome process of buying a property clear and easy. They assisted me from the beginning until the very end, answering all my questions and addressing all my concerns. They offer a truly great service for expats. I strongly recommend!

Ana Diez & Matias Pastor

argentinie Ana Diez & Matias Pastor


Henk made the whole mortgage process simple and clear. He was very nice, friendly and patient making us feel very comfortable during the process. We are very happy with our experience and would definitely recommend expat mortgages to anyone considering buying a house in The Ne...

Seren Soner & Zeynep Kurkcuoglu

Turkije Seren Soner & Zeynep Kurkcuoglu


Maikel Ros and Expat Mortgages were very helpful during house purchasing process. Maikel was very thorough and clear in explanation. He clarified all the advantages and disadvantages of the choices that we have to make. The mortgage application process was also very smooth. We...

Nadia Setiabudi

Indonesie Nadia Setiabudi


I have just recently bought a house, Amsterdam is definitely a tough market to buy at the moment. Henk was very helpful from the beginning since this was my first time buying, he explained everything about the process. Great recommendation on notary, fast reply, and all went v...

Christian & Amy Lang

Duitsland  Ierland Christian & Amy Lang


Expat Mortgages came highly recommended to us by our Makelaar. Due to the fact that we were in temporary housing we knew we needed to work with the best. Expat Mortgages did not disappoint! Their team was extremely helpful with our many questions and extraordinarily prompt thr...

Ivan & Katrina

Australie Ivan & Katrina


After being referred by a colleague who also experienced success with Expat Mortgages, Maikel and the team were a great help in providing clear explanations of all options, simplifying the process and allowing me to keep to all deadlines without any of the associated stresses....

Artemy Kalinovsky & Jeske Ruigrok

Verenigde staten  Nederland Artemy Kalinovsky & Jeske Ruigrok


We are very happy that we chose Expat mortgages to help us secure a mortgage. Simon and his colleagues explained everything clearly and provided invaluable advice, and their smooth handling of all the paperwork made a daunting process much easier. We would highly recommend the...

Paulo Rottman & Ary Maradiaga Godoy

Duitsland Paulo Rottman & Ary Maradiaga Godoy


Working with Maikel Ros has been a very smooth experience. New in the country and not understanding the language as well as the legal frame was a serious concern when evaluating the opportunity to buy a property in Holland. Maikel Ros was very pleasant to work with, no pressur...

Samantha & Paul Webster

united kingdom Samantha & Paul Webster


We are very happy with the help provided by Expat Mortgages with the purchase of our new home in the Netherlands. The process was made clear, efficient and straight forward for us. The mortgage was arranged quickly and the referral for additional services needed such as insura...

Alok & Laveena Jain

India Alok & Laveena Jain


This was my 2nd mortgage with Expat Mortgages and the experience again was top notch! The challenge of ensuring loan was approved in 3 weeks was significant given the promise made to the seller but like always, Henk and his team managed a perfect show. Thanks you Henk and Team...

Roozbe Fartash & Mina Abdolahzadeh

Iran Roozbe Fartash & Mina Abdolahzadeh


We have had a wonderful experience with Expat Mortgage and specifically Richardo. He has been very helpful and patient during the very long process of our property purchase. Besides being friendly, he was always available when we needed his advices. He briefed us on the whole ...

Ana & Guy Chen

Verenigde staten  Nederland Ana & Guy Chen


Thank you Richardo and the Expat Mortgages team for all your help and support! As first time home buyers we had so many questions, and Expat Mortgages answered them all clearly and promptly. Richardo explained the mortgage process clearly so we knew what to expect, and he foun...

Alf Schneider

Duitsland Alf Schneider


It was a nice, professional and well organised experience to work with you guys from Expat Mortgages. Thank you so much Maikel Ros, for taking good care of my case. I can really recommend Expat Mortgages to all Expats planing to buy a property in Netherlands. Everything went r...

Berk & Elif Birincioglu

Turkije Berk & Elif Birincioglu


We are very satisfied with the service provided by Expat Mortgages. Richardo and other employees answered all of our questions in a detailed and prompt manner. I recommend to every Expat, who wants to apply for a mortgage loan in Netherlands, to work with the assistance of Exp...

Ivar Eden

united kingdom Ivar Eden


I bought a home in Amsterdam with the help of Expat Mortgages. The purchase was not straight-forward but the team at Expat Mortgages got us through it so we ended up where we needed to be. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a property.

Olga Dunajeva

Nederland Olga Dunajeva


Used Expat Mortgages to buy apartment in Amsterdam. They were very helpful and fast sorting all documentation for me

Eric Alanis Kuhn & Lilla Solymos

Mexico  hongarije Eric Alanis Kuhn & Lilla Solymos


He and his team, were great they helped my wife Lilla and me to enjoy the process of buying an apartment. It was very smooth and very clear the whole process. I'm recommending expat-mortgages to the people I know that are looking to buy a house. Thanks a lot!!!

Helen & Stewart Cooper

united kingdom Helen & Stewart Cooper


My husband and I have been very pleased with the service we received from Expat Mortgages. It was around 18 months from first contact to actually moving into our new home. Buying in a foreign country can be a confusing and time consuming process and Expat Mortagages made this ...

Claire Beesley

Australie Claire Beesley


I highly recommend Expat Mortgages. Their service was prompt, informative, friendly and most important, easy - not just for those who don't speak Dutch, but for any first time buyers who are new to the process.

Omer Karakayali

Turkije Omer Karakayali


It was great to work with Expat Mortgages team! Especially Henk who had worked around the clock to make sure that everything goes smooth and on time even with the tight deadlines. I am very happy with services of Expat Mortgages. Thanks everyone!

Ivana Georgioska & Darko Pepovski

Frankrijk Ivana Georgioska & Darko Pepovski


Simon and its team were the greatest help that anyone could get when buying a property in the Netherlands. We did not have to worry about anything regarding the mortgage process and application. All of our questions were answered, and all of them were handled in a very profess...

Aamer Shamim & Shazia Aamer

Nederland Aamer Shamim & Shazia Aamer


I was bit confused and lost when i started looking for mortgage options in order to purchase a house in Amsterdam. I contacted few companies, who said that it is not possible as i had just arrived to NL. Then luckily I got in touch with Expat Mortgage. The moment I met their a...

Alican Kilinc

Turkije Alican Kilinc


Fantastic work and great cooperation. Nothing overlooked and everything went pretty smooth and as planned. Richardo answered all my question to the letter and supported well in whole process. Thank you for being such a professional and I am looking forward to our future cooper...

Hesham Elamin & Hend Eltanamly

Nederland Hesham Elamin & Hend Eltanamly


It has been a very smooth process, with helpful guidance, courtesy and professional service and follow up. I am very pleased with the quality of services I have received and would for sure recommend this for any expat landing in the Netherlands and interested in obtaining a Mo...

Maciej & Aneta Stodolna

Polen Maciej & Aneta Stodolna


Now when all the emotions with purchasing our dream house are down we would like to thank you and your co-workers for an excellent service you provided us. We appreciate all your work in arranging the mortgage in a way that it was a very relaxing and trouble-free experience to...

Tony & Zoe

united kingdom Tony & Zoe


We were referred to expat mortgages by a friend and have been very pleased with the support we received all the way through the purchase process for our apartment. Simon was very helpful and provided all the details we needed for our mortgage application. The whole process was...

Christa Binder & Marcus Wilcox

united kingdom Christa Binder & Marcus Wilcox


As expats, we were never quite sure how the process was for enquiring and getting a mortgage. But through the help and support of EXPAT MORTGAGES, we were at total ease once they explained the format and options. From the very first welcome, to finalizing the mortgage details ...

Tomislav Naumovski

Nederland Tomislav Naumovski


Guided by recommendation from a friend I met Chris for introduction meeting. During that meeting I realized that as an expat and inexperienced in property buying - it might lead to making big mistakes and wasting a lot of time if done by myself. Later it proved to be ab...

Lukasz Lichtarowicz

Polen Lukasz Lichtarowicz


I'm pleased with the services of Expat-Mortgages. They made the expireince of buying the apartment as close to stressless as possible.

Mario Tebaldi

Italie Mario Tebaldi


I am very pleased having chosen "Expat-morgages" as Morgage advisor. It has been a great asset throughout the entire process. The service provided is excellent at every level. All the team members were able to make all the process easy for someone without experience ...

Nemanja & Radmila Cosic- Pantelic

Servie Nemanja & Radmila Cosic- Pantelic


We had great experience with Expat Mortgages! Although it took us almost one year to find the best property for us, Expat Mortgages supported us all the way long. Especially Henk Jansen, who was always there to help and advise (even in the weekend), which was very much appreci...

Sunny Daly & William Myers

Verenigde staten Sunny Daly & William Myers


Henk and his team were superb in handling our mortgage application. They went above and beyond expectations guiding us in the process and helping us to deal with delays from the immigration authority. Would definitely recommend them and was very happy with the service.


Turkije Umut


I am pleased with the service provided by Simon till now. Bank relationship has been very smooth, translator found for me by Simon was great. I look forward to benefitting similar quality service in tax issues.

Tamsin Steward

united kingdom Tamsin Steward


Richardo was brilliant. He took me through the house purchase and mortgage process from start to finish in a systematic, easy to understand manner. He readily answered all my questions and took care of details that I hadn't even though of. He gave me confidence in both the...

Yoav  & Dana

Nederland Yoav & Dana


Buying a new house is a complex task and there are so many thing to be done and to be taken in account. By working with Expat Mortgages you can be assured that at least one crucial and important aspect of the purchasing process - the financial aspect - is being taken care of t...

Paulette Mentis

united kingdom Paulette Mentis


I received great service from expat mortgages. Simon was so very very helpful indeed. I am not a property guru or someone who is good with these kinds of processes, but Simon was incredibly patient and always willing to answer any strange questions I had during the process. I ...

Yuriy Netesov & Alina Netesova

Oekraine Yuriy Netesov & Alina Netesova


Expat Mortgages provided a superb service - everything was clear, quick and accurate like a swiss clock. Those people are really enthusiastic about the work they do. What I really want to pin out is their communications skills - they are really best at this. They even have a s...

Burak & Oya Unlu Duygula

Turkije Burak & Oya Unlu Duygula


We chose to work with Expat Mortgages since it was recommended by our several friends and colleagues. Maikel and his team helped us during the whole process and proofed why Expat Mortgages is so popular among the expats. We would like to thank to Maikel & Expat Mortgages a...

Chandan Saha & Shetu Roy

Bangladesh Chandan Saha & Shetu Roy


Indeed it was an experience to share about the services provided by Expat mortgage and the consultant Richardo who was always available and passion listening and answering to the queries. And lately met Henk who is another fine gentlemen that I came across with his ever smilin...

Madan Rajagopal & Menaka Viswanathan

India Madan Rajagopal & Menaka Viswanathan


Henk met us in our house for the first time to explain us about the mortgage application process and available options. The way he explained about the process clearly showed his knowledge and experience in his field. We immediately agreed to proceed with Henk. Within two weeks...

Josmary Velásquez & Israel Jose Lobo Reyes

Venezuela Josmary Velásquez & Israel Jose Lobo Reyes


We are delighted by the services provided by Expat Mortgages and specially thanks to Richardo. He was always friendly, professional and available at any time to our questions that came up during the process. He and his team performed an outstanding job. For anyone who is think...

Koonal Mittal & Ashima Mittal

India Koonal Mittal & Ashima Mittal


We had really great experience with Maikel. He was really quick to answer emails, professional to give advice and friendly to understand our needs. When we contacted the Expat-Mortgages, we were in a very complicated and difficult situation and the entire deal was about to col...

Javier Romero Ros & Carmen Sancho Serra

Spanje Javier Romero Ros & Carmen Sancho Serra


We were referred to Expat Mortgages by a friend. We got an appointment with Richardo who helped us with the purchase of our house. We were extremely happy with his professional advice and with his way making things easy and clear. Every inquire was answered with personal atten...

Benjamin Ferguson & Alice Obrecht

Verenigde staten Benjamin Ferguson & Alice Obrecht


Not only were Alice and I new to the Netherlands, we were also first-time buyers. Despite this double disadvantage Maikel and the whole Expat Mortgages team made things very easy for us. We were able to secure a good mortgage that fit our needs well, and each step of the proce...

 Sumon & Nandini Mukherjee

India Sumon & Nandini Mukherjee


What he says is what he delivers and gets things done in time - it has been a hassle free experience in working with Henk and his team(Ruby Visser). He is very friendly, knows everything about the whole process of buying a property and mortgages in NL and his tips are also ver...

Avnish Kumar & Swati Baliyan

India Avnish Kumar & Swati Baliyan


The services Henk & Kenneth provided were excellent from start to finish. They were very professional and helpful at every step in the whole process of buying our dream house. Henk explained us the whole mortgage process in detail, suggested good mortgage offers from vario...

Salvatore di Cristina & Eva di Giovanni

Italie Salvatore di Cristina & Eva di Giovanni


Maikel only one word "amazing" Thanks for your support!

Monica Sgambati

Italie Monica Sgambati


Dears , I want to thank you all for your professionalism and extremely efficiency in assist and supporting peoples dream. I really appreciated your work and your friendship you are amazing persons. With Regards Monica Sgambati

Rob van Klingeren & Joyce Antunes

Nederland Rob van Klingeren & Joyce Antunes


I have used expat-mortages for my new house and my experience is very positive. Maikel, Chris and their colleagues have done a great job and everything went smooth. I very much appreciate the flexibility and the competence I found.

Francine Pinto

Canada Francine Pinto


Simon and Selina were extremely helpful troughout the whole process. They got information to me very quickly and always responded within 24 hours to any question I had. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to buy a place.

Arndt & Ina Bruentrup

Duitsland Arndt & Ina Bruentrup


Worked with Maikel for purchasing a house in Noord-Holland. He was very professional and responsive during the whole house buying project and he enabled us to get a very good mortgage. Not knowing the Dutch market specifics we fully relied on his competence and guidance throug...

Paulina Stankiewicz

Polen Paulina Stankiewicz


Working with Henk was a real pleasure! He is 200% professional and knows everything about finances in the Netherlands! Big help when buying your first apartment in foreign country! Thank you VERY MUCH to the whole Expat Mortgages Team!!

Markus Divjak & Rowinda Appelman

Nederland Markus Divjak & Rowinda Appelman


We chose to work with expat mortgages based on a strong track record within Amsterdam's expat scene and were not disappointed. Simon Bosschieter (our consultant) was very knowledgeable, responsive, enthuasiastic and nice to work with and helped us with every aspect of obta...

Despina Christodoulou

Griekenland Despina Christodoulou


I would like to thank Henk for the outstanding services that he provided to us. He was always available, supportive and friendly to guide us. Expat Mortgages are so knowledgeable and high professionals.  Congratulations on having such a wonderful team!  My advice to ...

Breck Robertson

united kingdom Breck Robertson


I was referred to Expat Mortgages by a good friend who had recently engaged Expat to broker their mortgage. I contacted Expats and was extremely happy with their professional and advice that  they provided. Not just with finding the best mortgage that suited my financial ...

Mahmud Hasan & Sharana Yusuff

Bangladesh Mahmud Hasan & Sharana Yusuff


Simon Bosschieter was a great professional and he made everything easy for our first house. He explained all the options nicely so we had no confusion to decide. The best thing I liked about Expat mortgage and Simon is, their quick response on every query and their intention t...

Rhintany Putri & Tezar Saputra

Indonesie Rhintany Putri & Tezar Saputra


We use Expat-Mortgage service based on the recommendation from my sister who had work with them before to buy her house. And it is for sure a good choice! Simon is really the hero on helping us get through all the financial process to buy our first house in The Netherlands. He...

Serge Meunier & Claudia Steiner

Belgie  Zwitserland Serge Meunier & Claudia Steiner


Maikel Ros was the most incredible consultant. He helped us get the best deal and when initially our deal fell through because of our own circumstances, he went all the way to help us retain our mortgage amount almost to the digit. Personal, friendly advice. Always very quick ...

Iniyavan Elumalai

India Iniyavan Elumalai


I chose to approach Expat Mortgages for their services after a strong recommendation from a colleague of mine. From the very get-go, Maikel and his team have been greatly enthusiastic in helping me with every step - as intimidating as they may seem to a starter - in house buyi...

Alison Mills

United Kingdom Alison Mills


Even though I've lived here quite a few years and know a lot about the housing market and buying and selling, it's still so much easier to do this whole process in (proper!) English with someone who explains it patiently and intelligently. Many thanks Maikel for making...

Je Joung & Hee Kang

Zuid-Korea Je Joung & Hee Kang


I would like to thank Maikel and Expat Morgage for such an excellent service provided throughout buying process. Maikel is a highly professional, responsive and proactive advisor I have already introduced to my friends. Such a reliable service for expats and I highly recommend...

Tanvir Mahmud & Farhana Afreen

Bangladesh Tanvir Mahmud & Farhana Afreen


We are very happy that we had contact with Expat Mortgages (Maikel Ros) to buy the first house in Netherlands. I got my questions answered promptly and clearly either verbally, by phone or by email. We had all the meetings at home at our convenient times. We are very satisfied...

Noa Lahav & Edan Lerner

Verenigde Staten Noa Lahav & Edan Lerner


We had a very pleasant experience working with Expat Mortgages. Henk was very professional, knowledgeable and clear. We warmly recommend their service.

Sashidhar Joganna & Sowmya Bangalore Shivakumar

India Sashidhar Joganna & Sowmya Bangalore Shivakumar


Simon Bosschieter made our first home buying experience a very pleasant one. From our first conversation he explained each and every option that was available and made the whole process easier for us. He is client oriented and a dedicated professional. Should the opportunity a...

Xavier Caldera & Thais Barrios

Venezuela Xavier Caldera & Thais Barrios


Henk, we just wanted to write and thank you for all you help with our mortgage. You exceed our expectations with exceptional customer service and knowledge of mortgage and the market. You always listened to what we wanted and based on that you developed a tailor-made offer, al...

Greg Matson & Tiffany Smith

Verenigde Staten Greg Matson & Tiffany Smith


Expat Mortgages provided professional and thorough assistance. They took us through every step and made the whole process much easier than we anticipated. We would highly recommend their service.

Julia Gualandi & Volker Tutsch

Duitsland Julia Gualandi & Volker Tutsch


Henk explained very well the Dutch market and provided market insight advise. He created competitive advantage in the bidding stage by developing a tailor-made offer. Very recommendable!

Tomas Mockus & Ricardo Santos Navas

Brazilie Tomas Mockus & Ricardo Santos Navas


I would like to thank Simon and Expat Mortgages team for guiding through the mortgage process. Your input made things smoother, easier, more clear. Every inquire was answered with personal attention, processes followed through in detail, and Simon even came to congratulate in ...

Joan Regen

Ierland Joan Regen


Expat Mortgages made what we thought was impossible…Possible! We are now living in our dream home. As a first time buyer it was great to have Chris there each step of the way and made the whole process stress free . I would highly recommend their service. Thanks for all...

Jeremy Stebbing

united kingdom Jeremy Stebbing


Hi Richardo, I just wanted to say thanks for the work done on organising the mortgage for my recent purchase. It was sincerely appreciated and everything went very smoothly.  You certainly made the process much easier for me and I also appreciated you being there at the n...

Emre Altinok & Angelina Rauber

Turkije  Duitsland Emre Altinok & Angelina Rauber


We are very pleased with the services of Expat-Mortgages. Simon helped us through each step and ensured that everything runs smoothly.

Patricia Alvarez Munoz

Spanje Patricia Alvarez Munoz


Thanks to Expat Mortgages I had all the messy papers and requirements translated into super easy things to buy my first apartment. Thanks for all your efforts and for making things so easy!

Keith Banks

Verenigde staten Keith Banks


I was confronted with a fast approaching financing deadline which other banks said they couldn't meet. Henk and Expat Mortgage meet with me the next day and within a week had secured the loan. The only way to make it less painful would have been to just hand me a bag full ...

Masoud Asgarpour

Iran Masoud Asgarpour


In short, really good experience with Expat Mortgages. We got an appointment shortly after our phone call and Simon simplified the process during our first meeting. He patiently answered our (two thousands) questions, we followed his advises and at the end, everything went smo...

Guillermo Padilla Garcia

Spanje Guillermo Padilla Garcia


 I think many of you will feel identified, being an expat is challenging when it comes to dealing with laws and options... you need someone who to trust that takes care of all the stuff and Expat Mortgages just does that. They explained me the different options available ...

 Vikram & Shilpa Bhalla

Nederland  India Vikram & Shilpa Bhalla


Thank you Expat Mortgages in helping us arranging a mortgage swiftly. Special thanks to Chris for his useful and valuable advise.

Hemant & Sonali Khati

India Hemant & Sonali Khati


Expat Mortgages arranged the mortgage for our first house purchase in Netherlands. We are very happy with the experience. Chris was very helpful and available on short notice. I will highly recommend them for a stress free experience.


Italie Francesco


My experience with expat-mortages is very positive. Thanks to Maikel and his colleagues I went through the whole process with peace of mind. I very much appreciate the flexibility and the competence I found.

Fay Meimaraki

Griekenland Fay Meimaraki


Very happy to coordinate with Expat mortgages for my house purchase. All went pleasant and smoothly! Totally recommended!

Björn de Sturler & Isabelle Beaumont

Nederland  Frankrijk Björn de Sturler & Isabelle Beaumont


Nous sommes tres content avec le service d'Expat-Mortgages et nous pouvons recommender cet organisation pour tous les expats ou des etrangers.

Julien Lehmann & Nuria Bosch

Frankrijk  Spanje Julien Lehmann & Nuria Bosch


Thanks again guys. With your swift service we've been able to purchase the flat of our dream without hassle ! cheers. Julien

Sarin & Huma Rawal

United Kingdom Sarin & Huma Rawal


We used Expat Mortgages on the basis of our friend's recommendation. We have to say that Henk was an absolute star! He took the time to make sure we understood and were aware of all the major steps and he kept us at ease throughout the process. It was very reassuring to se...

Daniel & Tamzin Wilkinson

Zuid-Afrika Daniel & Tamzin Wilkinson


I definitely recommend working with Expat Mortgages. Maikel was very accommodating and happy to answer questions. He was even at the notary when we had to sign the final contract. Great customer service.

Simon Woolf & Elisabeth Gstarz

united kingdom Simon Woolf & Elisabeth Gstarz


We were 100% satisfied with how expat mortgages handled everything. Maikel was very efficient, and super flexible, working round our schedule and meeting us in our own home. The process was fuss-free, quick and smooth. We would highly recommend expat mortages to anyone.

James Simpson & Elaine McKinney

united kingdom James Simpson & Elaine McKinney


The simple way to describe my experience is excellent end to end service. No problem was too big to resolve. Communication was regular and informative. When problems occurred solutions were provided. My mortgage was delivered a day earlier than projected allowing the timely co...

Pedro Oliveira & Joana Azevedo

Portugal Pedro Oliveira & Joana Azevedo


Thank you Expat Mortgages for all the help on buying the house, namely Chris. They made the all process and bureaucracy much easier and were eager to help.

Dan & Ioana Andrus Marian

Roemenie Dan & Ioana Andrus Marian


Fabulous service, Richardo and the team helped us with the process and kept their commitments. Very good and predictable steps, the mortage and the costs matched perfectly our initial discussion. For first-time buyers or experience buyers, definitely a great company to work wi...

Jae Seo

Zuid-Korea Jae Seo


I would like to thank Richardo and his colleagues for helping me out in a professional way to getting a mortgage in the Netherlands. Overall, I am very satisfied with their service and definitely recommend Expat Mortgages and Richardo for those who want to buy a house as a for...

Karen & Paul Butler

united kingdom Karen & Paul Butler


A colleague of ours recommended "Expat Mortgages" when we were looking to arrange a mortgage. Chris van Maasdijk was our consultant, couldnât have asked for better service or professionalism. He provided a detailed explanation of the process and the laws in the...

Paul Meyer & Natasha Petersen

Zuid-Afrika Paul Meyer & Natasha Petersen


A colleague referred us to use expat mortgages. We already put in an offer on an apartment and Chris was quick to help us out. He and his team made the process very easy for us as first time buyers. We are very happy with the service and would without a doubt recommend expat m...

Glen Newey

united kingdom Glen Newey


 I have been extremely happy with the professionalism of Expat Mortgages and in particular with my mortgage broker, RIchardo Cruz Fortes. Buying a property abroad is a potentially quite daunting prospect but Expat Mortgages guided me through the whole process, explaining ...

Kateryna Soloviova

Oekraine Kateryna Soloviova


I had absolutely positive experience from working with Simon from Expat Mortgages. I had quite a difficult situation being partly a cash buyer and partly taking a mortgage to cover the costs. Moreover, the problem with changing the mortgage offer from the one with 30% tax ruli...

Rostyslav Starbek & Roksolana Novalovska

Oekraine Rostyslav Starbek & Roksolana Novalovska


A colleague of mine recommended "Expat Mortages" as a really good adviser for arranging a mortgage. We were consulted by Simon Bosschieter and he did his job faultlessly. He provided a good explanation for financial situation and laws in the Netherlands Also he offer...

Bethlehem Mengesha

Nederland Bethlehem Mengesha


I'd like to thank you all for helping me get my new apartment. Richardo and Sandra, thank you for bearing with my questions, and for explaining things relentlessly. Richardo, I am grateful for all you did : for making the whole thing seem so simple an...

Muktha Muralee

India Muktha Muralee


Expat Mortgages made the purchase of my first house a pleasant and relaxed experience. I greatly appreciate Richardo's flexibility, meeting me in my office also on short notice. Everything is transparent and the explanations are simple and clear. Thanks again!!! Greatly re...

Kay Jin & Yen Li Tan

Singapore Kay Jin & Yen Li Tan


Richardo from Expat Mortgages helped us with the purchase of our house. From the first contact everything went smoothly even though we were under immense time pressure. Overall very satisfied and will definitely recommend Richardo and Expat especially for first-time buyers in ...

Iakov Filimonov & Yulia Yurson

Rusland Iakov Filimonov & Yulia Yurson


Struggling with the bureaucracy might be tough here in Netherlands, but thanks to Simon and Expat Mortgages crew it was possible get all information and support that we needed during finding property to live, as well as during negotiation with banks and house owner. Thank you ...

Christian Poels

Belgie Christian Poels


I have been in touch with Henk Jansen and his colleagues for years now, until I found and bough the right house few weeks ago. It didn't cost me any money until then, "no cure no pay" they say! And it is absolutelly true, they are always happy and ready to help w...

Tim Alexander & Lena Bilous

United Kingdom  Nederland Tim Alexander & Lena Bilous


Expats mortgage service was excellent from start to finish. Working with Chris through all the options, he always made time for our questions and helped us make decisions that would were better for us. I have already recommended them to several friends.

James Ball & Ruth Measures

United Kingdom James Ball & Ruth Measures


We have had a great experience with Expat mortgages, Maikel was very helpful and explained the Dutch mortgage and property market to us in an easy to understand manner. He stayed with us through the long process of finding a property and was always available to make new quotat...

Tim Black & Nicole Vandeligt

Australie Tim Black & Nicole Vandeligt


We would highly recommend Expat Mortgages for everything to do with buying a house in the Netherlands. Our expert Maikel Ross was wonderful and always there to help; we couldnât have do it without him and the Expat Mortgages team. Everything was clear and transparent fro...

Hung Vu & Hoai Pham

Nederland Hung Vu & Hoai Pham


Richardo & Kenneth were extremely helpful and professional. I encountered some problems along the way but I'm very happy it's finally over. I would definitely recommend to anyone that's seeking for a mortgage.

Neelima Surandranath & Naren Singh

India Neelima Surandranath & Naren Singh


After living for a while in Netherlands when we thought of buying our own place in Amsterdam, Expat-Mortgages was our first choice for expert advice on property market, mortgages, and buying process. With tons of questions, we met Chris â we not only found him extremely ...

Matan Eyal

Nederland Matan Eyal


I am definitely recommending Expat Mortgages and especially Chris to everyone who is about to start the long journey of owning a house in Amsterdam. Service which is clear, fast, professional and all the way till the end of the transaction - this is what you will need from a m...

Oliver & Louise Gaunt

United Kingdom  Ierland Oliver & Louise Gaunt


Henk and his team helped us with our mortgage application in the Netherlands. He has tailored his expertise to make it easy for expats to understand the Dutch mortgage market and tax implications. As expats not knowing the market or speaking Dutch, Henk was very knowledgeable,...

Ahmed Emam & Ingrida Malickaite

Nederland  Litouwen Ahmed Emam & Ingrida Malickaite


Henk Jansen and Expat-mortgages team have helped us step by step from the general understanding of the apartment market and property purchase in Netherlands till the last advices about our new apartment, tax rebate and more! Henk Jansen is not only extremely knowledgeable and ...

Sarah McMaster & Mark McKinnon

Nieuw-Zeeland Sarah McMaster & Mark McKinnon


Sarah & I want to thank Chris and the team of Expat Mortgages for their work in securing a mortgage for us. Their work ensured the whole process was stress free, allowing us to relax and wait for our move in date. Together with Jaap Russchen from Amsterdam House Hunti...

Ari & Esti Dinar

Spanje Ari & Esti Dinar


We were very happy to buy our house with the help Expat Morgages and Simon. It was a very smooth process. I would recommend their service to anyone looking to get a mortgage.

Roberto Balzarelli & Kim Band

Nederland Roberto Balzarelli & Kim Band


Expat Mortgages were great in helping us to translate all the Dutch mortgage documents. Sometimes this can be very unclear but Chris was very calm and took us step by step through the entire process and answered all our questions. Next to that you get additional services and c...

Ben Culpin

united kingdom Ben Culpin


Expat mortgages were fantastic. As a first time buyer as well as not having a clue about the Dutch market, Expat mortgages anticipated every step of the process with incredibly accuracy - there were no unexpected surprises at all. Additionally, they are just really nice people...

George Koultouridis & Maria Postupaeva

Griekenland  Rusland George Koultouridis & Maria Postupaeva


We highly recommend Expat Mortgages to every expat willing to buy a house in the Netherlands. Special thanks to Maikel Ross who guided us through all the buying process and was always ready to give a fast and helpful advice on any topic related to our financial situation. Ever...

Fabio Anghileri & Elena Durante

Italie Fabio Anghileri & Elena Durante


Fast, precise, friendly, extremely professional! All you need to arrange your mortgage. We only had 4 weeks to arrange the mortgage in order to finalize the purchase and Expat Mortgage promptly submitted our application and followed us thoroughly and timely in all the steps. G...

Sam & Anna

United Kingdom  Nederland Sam & Anna


Expat Mortgages were a fantastic help when we bought a flat in Amsterdam. Their calm, informative guidance was great and really helped us navigate through the Dutch mortgage and buying system. They were very flexible with meeting locations and times. All communications were in...

Shahram Ghaemmaralani & Elaheh Mohammadi

iran Shahram Ghaemmaralani & Elaheh Mohammadi


We got to know Expat Mortgages from an expat events in Amsterdam while we were doubtful if/when to buy a house in Netherlands. With our first experience to buy a new house in the Netherlands, both before and after our decision until the final notary day and beyond, we got grea...

Mate Nagy & Rita Csernátony

Hongarije Mate Nagy & Rita Csernátony


Quick and efficient service from friendly people. Every step of the complicated mortgage and purchase process was explained in detail. Contracts and documents were translated, unclear points were elucidated. Can't recommend Expat Mortgages enough.

A. Shahzad

Nederland A. Shahzad


Expat Mortgages are highly supportive in finding the right solution when we needed a house for our family. They are fully attentive and describe the things upfront how to be prepared and well organized in completing all the procedures. They are the best in my opinion and trust...

Igor & Katarina Soldo

Servie Igor & Katarina Soldo


Henk Jansen and Expat Mortgages made process of getting mortgage and buying a house in Netherlands really smooth and efficient. Having meetings at my workplace or home, even outside of office hours, saved us a lot of time. We got very nice recommendations for Expat Mortgages a...

Inwook Yeom & Eun-Young Go

Zuid-Korea Inwook Yeom & Eun-Young Go


Great advice and careful explanation for all details from the beginning until the end of the process. I have smoothly finalize buying the house with Expat mortgages in Netherlands. It is highly recommendable and 200% better than make appointment with each banks. You can save y...

Gilberto Robalo & Maria Silva Mota Rodrigues Lopes

Portugal Gilberto Robalo & Maria Silva Mota Rodrigues Lopes


Expat mortgages helped us in the purchase process of our apartment in The Hague. The service was so professional, on time and on budget that we cannot recommend them enough. It is vital to have an experienced team with you and Expat Mortgages had the right collaborators to hel...

Ekaterina Bueva

Rusland Ekaterina Bueva


ExpatMortgages and Maikel Ross provide an extensive and exhaustive support in the process of mortgage selection, application, analysis and sign off. the in-depth analysis of the market provided and explained in detail, as well as tailored to your individual situation, is the g...

Nelly Bonelli & Andrea Di Matteo

Italie Nelly Bonelli & Andrea Di Matteo


The service provided to us by Expat Mortgage and especially by Richardo has been great. He is reliable, extraordinarily clear in the explanation and very professional. We didn't have any kind of problem and everything went smooth. I do really recommend him, he is super!

Mohammad Mahmudul Islam & Laizoo Akhter

Bangladesh Mohammad Mahmudul Islam & Laizoo Akhter


We worked with Simon Bosschieter from Expat Mortgages and the entire process was really smooth. Simon was very responsive and effective in communicating. He took care of all the paperwork and ensured that we got the lowest interest rate possible, even when it meant more paperw...

Kamil Baldyga & Katarzyna Golenia-Baldyga

Polen Kamil Baldyga & Katarzyna Golenia-Baldyga


 We would like to say big thank you to Simon for his work. We would have never thought buying a flat in a foreign country will go so fast and smooth. Simon explained us the process clearly always replying quickly for our questions and concerns. We can definitely recommend...

Mustafa Ogun Sezgin

Turkije Mustafa Ogun Sezgin


I was looking for a house to buy in Amsterdam. Buying a house abroad is not an easy decision to make.. And I started my house-search with this hesitation. I can easily say that to get in touch with the Expat Mortgage was one of the best decision during this process. Henk manag...

Nnamdi Iwuagwu & Amarachi Mbonu

Nederland Nnamdi Iwuagwu & Amarachi Mbonu


Getting a mortgage for my house seems a lot easier than the whole other processes. Thanks to Expat Mortgage for that excellent and professional services they rendered to us. Also thanks for being very flexible to arrange all the meeting at my place of work. Richardo and Sandra...

Davide & Colleen

italie  verenigde staten Davide & Colleen


The promise of ‘Expart Mortgage’ is to ‘speak the language’ of expats and to make sure that ‘your mortgage has no secrets’. If you would not know of Expat Mortgages, you may think of these as empty promises. But Chris and his team were able ...

Gilad Kurz & Ronit Aizenberg-Kurz

Nederland Gilad Kurz & Ronit Aizenberg-Kurz


We would like to thank Richardo and his colleagues for helping us out in a professional, Kindness in a fast track of getting a mortgage here in the Nederlands. Thank you guys!!

Khalid Al-Hajji

Nederland Khalid Al-Hajji


As an expat non Dutch speaker and a first time buyer in the Netherlands, I was more than a little hesitant to buy a home. However, Expat Mortgages and Richardo in particular were great and very professional. All our communications were in English and Richardo was always availa...

Jorge Vitalle & Nuno De Freitas

Spanje  Portugal Jorge Vitalle & Nuno De Freitas


We have had a very good experience with Expat Mortgages, I would define that the overall process become very easy with them Special thanks to Chris van Maasdijk for all his guidance and recommendation and support. Also thanks to Kenneth Leenders for his support at the notary.<...

Omer Coban

Nederland Omer Coban


First class service! I would like to thank Chris and Maikel. They answered all my mortgage related questions without leaving any question mark in my head. I did almost nothing, they arranged everything for me. Furthermore, they always inform me in every step of mortgage applic...

Mariana Martinez & Leonardo Goldenstein

Argentinie Mariana Martinez & Leonardo Goldenstein


I would like to say thank you to Simon for his support and all the team at Expat Mortgages in the process of buying a house in The Netherlands. They were very professionals, assistance was provided as much as was needed, all the communications were in English and also they are...

Nash Trajkovski & Evangelia McPhee

Australie  Griekenland Nash Trajkovski & Evangelia McPhee


The team at Expat Mortgages were exceptional in their service. Chris was a pleasure to deal with in getting the docs we needed together, and he has a wealth of knowledge of the market and often confusing Dutch process of buying a home. He managed to secure a great deal for us ...

Sjur Kristoffer Dyrkolbotn

Nederland Sjur Kristoffer Dyrkolbotn


Expat mortgages and Simon Bosschieter in particular was a great help for me when I wanted to buy an apartment in the Netherlands. As an expat on a temporary work contract, I did not initially expect to be able to obtain a Dutch mortgage. But Simon explained that it should be p...

Francesca van Oss & Chanquito van Hoeve

United Kingdom  Nederland Francesca van Oss & Chanquito van Hoeve


Expat Mortgages provided great advice and support right from when we started looking for apartments. Chris was incredibly helpful and always willing to answer any questions I had about the apartments we were looking at. It was a great relief to know that everything was being h...

Lucian Gorgonea

Roemenie Lucian Gorgonea


I contacted Expat Mortgages based on my colleagues recommendations and I am pleased to have done so. With Simon's support, everything in relation with getting the right mortgage went as smooth and fast as I was hoping for. He answered all my questions and provided valuable...

Suzana Dordevic

Slovenie Suzana Dordevic


I would like to thank Simon Bosschieter for advising and supporting me with my first house purchase in Amsterdam. Due to his professional assistance buying a house was a stress free process for me. Simon advised me on choosing the right mortgage, then completely took over the ...

Cuixiao Feng & Weiwei Du

China Cuixiao Feng & Weiwei Du


It was a big pleasure to have Richardo and Expat Mortgages team in the purchase of house in the Netherlands. Their service is really professional, every step what I need to do in the mortgage application is quite clear, the feedback is always swift and the explanation is easy ...

Herberto Miguel Agostinho Graca

Portugal Herberto Miguel Agostinho Graca


Great help by Expat Mortgages on buying my new flat! Henk Jansen came to meet me at the office where I work, presented me with several options and took care of all the paperwork!

Hamza Khan & Zahra Afzal

Nederland Hamza Khan & Zahra Afzal


I would like to greatly thank Expat Mortgages and especially Simon for his great help during the process of buying a house. The mortgage process is completely in Dutch and it was very useful to have the counsel of Simon on how to navigate through each step. Everything was expl...

Eldad Ben Aharon & Louise Benyamin

Polen  United Kingdom Eldad Ben Aharon & Louise Benyamin


It is not an easy decision to buys a house in Holland, but especially dealing with the local culture of such a purchase. Expat Mortgages team was highly cooperative and kind to answer any question we had. A special thanks goes to Chris, we had the pleasure to work with him. He...

Can & Beste Herguner

Turkije Can & Beste Herguner


Henk worked around the clock to make sure we were kept informed and happy with services of Expat Mortgages. He facilitated every avenue to assist us in achieving the right kind of loan. Everything from our end went so smoothly and we are extremely happy. Henk is efficient, con...

Andriy Yakovlev & Nadiia Lakovleva

Oekraine Andriy Yakovlev & Nadiia Lakovleva


Everything was organized quickly and efficiently. Expat Mortgages is the right place to go to for mortgage assistance if you are planning to buy a house Back top top This is an official warning that needs to be published on our website (mandatory by AFM). It makes you aware of...

Andrew & Anke Wagner

Verenigde Staten  Duitsland Andrew & Anke Wagner


Worked with Simon for purchasing a home in Wassenaar. Very impressed with the flexibility, accessibility, as we well as the deep understanding of the needs of a client with little to know knowledge of the real estate and mortgage situation in the Netherlands. Also, great thing...

Billy & Mahtab Franks

Verenigde Staten Billy & Mahtab Franks


As first-time homebuyers in the Netherlands we were unsure how to ensure we obtained a competitive home loan and were concerned about navigating the contracts in Dutch. Richardo not only ensured we were informed in English, but also shopped around the Dutch banks to get us the...

Tamara & Anton Nesterov

Rusland Tamara & Anton Nesterov


Expat Mortgages is a team of professionals you can fully entrust with all your mortgage-related worries. Special thanks to Henk Jansen whose experience and professionalism make the process very quick and painless. He would take care of all the little nuances and prepare all th...

Gozde Dulgeroglu

Turkije Gozde Dulgeroglu


Choosing to collaborate with Expat Mortgages and Henk was the best thing I've ever done in order to buy my apartment! Henk is such a to-go person and his knowledge in this market is amazing! The team is very efficient, helpful and essentially trustworthy! If you are a perf...

Avril Liston

united kingdom Avril Liston


A very stress free experience purchasing in Den Haag, with the help of Richardo and Expat Mortgages. From my initial meeting to receiving my keys, the service has been professional, fair, and most importantly, friendly - making me feel at ease with purchasing in a strange envi...

David Romero

Mexico David Romero


Great advice and professionalism from Expat Mortgages while helping me find an apartment in Amsterdam. Simon provided a lot of information and followed up on my case very closely. Highly recommended service for expats when trying to find a home in Amsterdam.

Mohammad Ahmadi & Banafsheh Sajadi

Iran Mohammad Ahmadi & Banafsheh Sajadi


Dear Richardo and Sandra, We would like to thank you for everything. Without your expertise, getting mortgage was almost impossible for us. We are grateful for each moment.We recommend everyone who doesn't know rules in the Netherlands or comes from a country outside of th...

Abhishek Maheshwari

India Abhishek Maheshwari


I would like to thank Simon and Expat Mortgages for fantastic service they provided and making the entire process of buying a house in Amsterdam, very easy. Simon was professional, answered all my queries promptly and provided valuable advise at each stage of the process. I wo...

James & Cecilia Plummer

Australie  Zweden James & Cecilia Plummer


We worked with Simon at Expat Mortgages when buying our apartment in Amsterdam and were very happy with the service we received. Simon was very knowledgeable but also able clearly explain all topics we discussed. He was always quick to get back to us when we had questions and ...

Megha Sharma & Abhijeet Roy

India Megha Sharma & Abhijeet Roy


We would like to thank Richardo for his well-informed advice and support across all the steps in buying our first home. He has been very steadfast in responding to all our endless queries and helping us make right decisions all along. We really appreciate how he kept the whole...

Heikki Rahkonen & Aleksandra Kumkowska

Polen Heikki Rahkonen & Aleksandra Kumkowska


Simon was the greatest help for me and my fiancee in process of buying a home. Since the beginning the service quality was high, polite, reliable and easy to understand.

Chanquito van Hoeve & Francesca van Oss

Nederland  United Kingdom Chanquito van Hoeve & Francesca van Oss


Dear Chris, Thank you for all your help and support with our house! Best wishes, Francesca and Chanquito.

David & Sara Schofield

United Kingdom David & Sara Schofield


Simon was very professional and responsive during the whole house buying project . I feel he enabled us to get a very good mortgage, and managed all the steps in this process smoothly. He dealt very directly with the mortgage provider, and resolved issues as they came up. This...

Ralph van Eijk & Katya Ganyushkina

Nederland  Rusland Ralph van Eijk & Katya Ganyushkina


Dear Chris, we would like to thank you from all our hearts for your help, support and flawless work that you and your team have provided to our family!

Mert Unsal & Laure Boudaud

Turkije  Frankrijk Mert Unsal & Laure Boudaud


Henk and his team provided great service for our mortgage application. They had a very professional and supportive approach. His experience and knowledge helped us to get a good offer. He is always helpful and ready to assist when you have a question or hesitation. I would rec...

Nikhil & Neha Gupta

India Nikhil & Neha Gupta


 Henk has been a very good and thorough professional throughout the apartment buying process. I took a long time to buy an apartment but Henk was very patient and supported me all through. :-) Always quick to respond and provides genuine opinions. He goes out of his job d...

Graham Rosewall

United Kingdom Graham Rosewall


I'm taking the time to write this testimonial as I felt that Maikel, and Expat Mortgages, have done a fantastic job in helping me to buy my first property in Amsterdam. Maikel was very quick to reply to any question or query I had, and guided me through the process in a hi...

Ula Kucharska

Polen Ula Kucharska


Henk Jansen from Expat Mortgages helped me with buying my house. It was a great support and experience to work with Henk. He was very professional and super friendly. I would definitely use him again. Essential help for non Dutch speakers!

Andreas & Isabelle Nierhaus

Duitsland Andreas & Isabelle Nierhaus


We came to Expat Mortgages by way of Jaap Russchen from Amsterdam House Hunting and we are glad we did. Chris and his team were knowledgeable, respectful, and flexible, and made us feel comfortable about such an investment in a foreign country. They were definately worth their...

Ritesh & Vishakha Gupta

India Ritesh & Vishakha Gupta


Richardo has been an excellent Mortgage Adviser for us. First home is always special and making right decisions for a long term investment completes the package. I was a very demanding customer and Richardo was prompt in responding, clear advises followed up with bank on our a...

Sabin Philip & Liza Jacob

India Sabin Philip & Liza Jacob


Well what do I say; With expat mortgages, for me the whole mortgages process felt like "Just a piece of cake". Simon, I can't thank you enough for your advice which helped me take the right decision on choosing the appropriate mortgage that suited my circumstance...

Darren Sturdy

United Kingdom Darren Sturdy


An expat homeowner for 5 years, and on every occasion Chris and his team have been a fantastic support. They really do take all of the stresses out of the Dutch mortgage process and make it as simple as possible. They have always been flexible with meeting arrangements, and I ...

Noel Mulvihill & Diana Enriquez Prado

Ierland  Mexico Noel Mulvihill & Diana Enriquez Prado


Thanks to Ricardo & team, buying our apartment in The Hague was easy peasy! Always friendly, very professional and most efficient! We couldn't have done it without them!

David & Kate Elsley

Zuid-Afrika David & Kate Elsley


Great service from an excellent team. Under pressure, Richardo was able to guide us through a tricky process. I recommend expat mortgages to anyone from abroad considering to buy a house in the Netherlands.

Aline Eger

Brazilie Aline Eger


Very efficient and fast service! Chris van Maasdijk from expat-mortgages managed my process and advised me very well. Strongly recommend the expats to go for it.

Bruno Ferraz da Fonseca & Adriana Balseiro Filho Silva

Portugal Bruno Ferraz da Fonseca & Adriana Balseiro Filho Silva


Since the first meeting, until the signature of the transfer deed, everything went really smoothly, on schedule, and exactly as we planned. Richardo was always helpful, providing all the information and assistance we required, whenever we required. Even when we were forced to ...

Colby & Yash

Verenigde staten Colby & Yash


Chris was very thorough and knowledgeable on the mortgage process in NL. He met with us off hours to accommodate our daytime schedules and explained everything to us in detail, sometimes twice! He made a daunting process in a foreign country seamless and simple. Thank you Chri...

Shahzad Gill & Fatima Hira

Australie Shahzad Gill & Fatima Hira


Great job. Maikel made it so easy for us. At the start it felt like an overwhelming task to sift through the details of various mortgages, specially not knowing the language. We believe it was the best decision to engage Expat Mortgages for this. The advice given to us was tim...

Ludwig Paillier & Anne-Sophie Guyader

Frankrijk Ludwig Paillier & Anne-Sophie Guyader


Buying a property abroad is an exciting experience but also a complex process, especially if you don’t the speak the local language! Thank you Chris for walking us through this process step by step, from mortgage advice to the signature day. I would definitely ...

Tomaso Bulligan & Jolija Reinikyte-Bulligan

Italie Tomaso Bulligan & Jolija Reinikyte-Bulligan


Richardo did an amazing job in helping us buy our new home. Quick to reply and thorough with his explanations, Richardo was perfectly able to guide us all the way through a complex process on a tight deadline.

Cameron Whitehead & Eva Lingnau

Australie Duitsland Cameron Whitehead & Eva Lingnau


We have now worked with the team at Expat Mortgages twice and on both occasions they have done a great job. Every staff member we have worked with has been very knowledgeable and ever willing to answer question after question. The team is flexible and always managed to fit in ...

Lara Pandya & Alexander Mens

United Kingdom Lara Pandya & Alexander Mens


In the beginning I was convinced that we would go it alone without a makelaar or a financial adviser, but I'm very glad I followed the advice of a colleague and contacted Expat Mortgages. Chris was very approachable and friendly and responded swiftly to my many queries, pr...

Abhishek Dwivedi & Mamta Singh

India Abhishek Dwivedi & Mamta Singh


Chris and his team have been a great support all through the mortgage process. Right from guiding on different possibilities for a loan, to even giving hints on some properties to the final delivery of the apartment. The best part is that Chris makes things related to mortgage...

Adrianta Wardhana

indonesie Adrianta Wardhana


As an expat, we have to deal with a lot of uncertainties and anxiety because we are not familiar with the rules and the spoken language. For buying properties, since we have to spend a lot of money, it certainly raises more uncertainties and a lot of questions Richardo and his...

Mihajlo Andelkovic

Servie Mihajlo Andelkovic


"Richardo is mortgage consultant of Expat Mortgages who helped me arrange mortgage for my new property in the NL. I selected him for the job per recommendation of a fellow colleague from work who also was his client.
The start was quite a pleasant experience. An eff...

Zdybski Slawomir & Ana Chaudhuri

Polen Zdybski Slawomir & Ana Chaudhuri


Getting a mortgage with Expat Mortgages is straightforward and fast. Initially Maikel explained different mortgage options and advised according to my situation. As soon as I found an interesting property he jumped on the case and arrange everything with the bank in no time (w...

James Mackintosh & Eelke de Man

Nederland James Mackintosh & Eelke de Man


Fantastic service from start to finish from Chris and his team (especially Ruby). Three and a half years after first meeting Chris we finally got our house. Chris was always patient, driven and ready to act whenever we called. The actual process of signing and securing our hou...

Qing Li

China Qing Li


Maikel Ros is very professional and nice to work with. He was very helpful in every step after finding the apartment, even for the notary and the fax refund. They took lots of burden off me for buying the apartment. I could completely trust and relay on them. Everything wouldn...

Nick & Carishma Thomas

United Kingdom Nick & Carishma Thomas


When we decided to sell our apartment in Amsterdam and look for a larger property closer to the centre our first call was to Chris van Maasdijk at Expat Mortgages, because he had steered us through the system and secured the best deal for us first t...

Daniel Brooke & Olga Vokalova

United Kingdom Denemarken Daniel Brooke & Olga Vokalova


Buying our apartment with the help of Expat Mortgages made the whole process very straightforward and easy to understand, and we would definitely recommend their service to anybody else considering buying a property in Amsterdam. Thanks for all the help!

Adam Belton & Amanda Morrissey

United Kingdom Australie Adam Belton & Amanda Morrissey


As first time buyers in a foreign market, the advice and support my wife and I received was well worth the cost of the service. Maikel and his team were responsive, straight-forward and accommodating, and the whole process couldn't have gone any smoother. They explained ev...

Juan Serrano Garcia & Daniela Alviarez Rodriquez

Spanje Juan Serrano Garcia & Daniela Alviarez Rodriquez


We bought a house in Almere this year with Expat Mortgage Service; we could  descriptive or mention many things about it, but the most important is that we did not realize all the work they do for us, we just feels relaxed about the process and just focus on the selection...

Carlos Cruz & Liliana Lopes Cardoso

Spanje Carlos Cruz & Liliana Lopes Cardoso


Buying a house for the first time sounds scary, specially if all the paper work has to be done in Dutch. Chris will walk you through every single step from beginning to the end in a very easy manner. Buying a property was easy with his support. If I were you, I'd go for th...

Maxine Holliday

United Kingdom Maxine Holliday


Maikel from Expat Mortgages was informative, efficient and extremely thorough when explaining the ins and outs of the Dutch mortgage system. We felt he responded quickly to all our queries and concerns, liaised extremely well with other parties and co-ordinated each step, and ...

Amanda Gigler

Verenigde Staten Amanda Gigler


Chris and his team at ExpatMortgages made everything a breeze and helped me to feel confident in my financial decisions. I was a first-time buyer on my own with little experience in the Netherlands. Chris explained all my options in clear English -- his translation was both of...

Thanassis Simoglou

Griekenland Thanassis Simoglou


Hi Henk, 
Once again thank you for an amazing procedure and a great rate and service! You are awesome!

Manon Parry

Nederland Manon Parry


We worked with Chris and he was very patient and informative. Was great to have someone who could help lead the process and answer questions quickly when we didn't understand or had to make decisions. We're really glad we worked with Expat Mortgages, it made it all so ...

Tobias & Julie Garnsworthy

Australie Tobias & Julie Garnsworthy


Buying a property within 2 months of relocating to Amsterdam was never going to be easy. However thanks to Chris and team the process of getting our financing in place was easier beyond our expectations. They were professional, knowledgeable with always a strong level of custo...

Carlos Da Cruz & Liliana Cardoso

Portugal Carlos Da Cruz & Liliana Cardoso


We had a great experience with Expat Mortgages. Chris gave us great support in a very short timeframe. He was always available for a meeting and very quick to reply to our questions, and genuinely concerned with our understanding of the whole process. It was great not having t...

Teresa Zuna & Norberto Rodrigues

Portugal Teresa Zuna & Norberto Rodrigues


We would like to thank Chris and Expat Mortgages team. Expat Mortgages came recommended and indeed we found them to be professional and diligent. Chris guided us through the whole process and was very patient with our countless questions. He quickly assessed our needs and work...

Long Kong & Zhuowei Liu

China Long Kong & Zhuowei Liu


I was recommended by a friend to arrange the housing mortgage with Expat Mortgage and our experience is good. Maikel is very experienced and he is always answering our questions within shortest time. As non-Dutch speakers, it's very convenient to communicate in English wit...

Christopher Caperton

Verenigde Staten Christopher Caperton


Chris and the team at Expat Mortgages were tremendously helpful. They explained clearly the options available and the advantages and disadvantages of the various options. I especially appreciated the tables illustrating the cost of different options and the impact of tax deduc...

Rob Simmons & Tanya Melnychenko

Oekraine Rob Simmons & Tanya Melnychenko


It's been a Long Road... I first met Henk Jansen in October 2012 when he came to my office to explain the complexities of Mortgages when you are an Expat Self Employed Consultant with the 30% Tax Ruling. He explained everything clearly, asked a lot of questions, and gave m...

Jim Seward

United Kingdom Jim Seward


Richardo and the team were very professional and efficient throughout the whole process. We found Expat Mortgages extremely easy to work with, helpful and supportive. They were a pleasure to work with.

Mykhaylo Volik

Oekraine Mykhaylo Volik


Expat Mortgages and Henk in particular provided very good service and showed outstanding professional approach. His expertise and knowledge allowed to find the best offer in the market and get a good deal. He is very responsive and ready to assist. Everything was organized qui...

Jeff Riley

Verenigde Staten Jeff Riley


When I began the process of making the decision to buy an apartment in the Netherlands, I knew nothing of what would be involved. I was in fact a bit intimidated with the aspects of purchasing something in a country where I was not fluent in the language. Learning a language i...

Yunfei Ren

Nederland Yunfei Ren


I worked with Maikel on arranging my mortgage. He helped tremendously on the entire process, and it went incredibly smoothly. The point of hiring a mortgage advisor is to not worry. Expat mortgage helped me do exactly that!

Iris Choo

Nederland Iris Choo


I would like to say thank u to Maikel Ros and the team in Expat Mortgage, indeed they work very efficient, i have little worry of the paper work, and the explanation is clear, though i may ask a few times same question,, overall, is value for money in term of the quality of se...

Melissa Lee & Jochem Boeré

Australie Melissa Lee & Jochem Boeré


Buying property in the Netherlands can be complicated if you donât know the rules. We found Expat Mortgages very helpful and knowledgeable. Chris was always contactable and very responsive and the staff at Expat Mortgages were always professional. Highly recommended.

Alessandra Abate

Italie Alessandra Abate


'I was recommended to reach out to Chris at Expat Mortgages. Well, I would recommend him and the team with no hesitation to anyone who, like me, needs guidance and support in navigating financial topics in the Netherlands. Chris was extremely professional, available anytim...

Tamara & Eduard Bazko

Oekraine Tamara & Eduard Bazko


At first, we wasn't sure if we really need help of broker and intended to arrange everything ourselves. Which turned out to be almost a catastrophe, to be honest. So after some thinking we accepted Expat Mortgages help and we didn't once regret this. All was arranged i...

Anastasia Baykina

Nederland Anastasia Baykina


 It was a great pleasure to work with Expat mortgages. Everything was quick and efficient. I didn't have to worry about a paper work as everything was taken care of by Expat Mortgages. A great company with nice people. I can definitely strongly recommend to work with ...

Monika Krugla

Polen Monika Krugla


After all horror stories I heard from friends, using the help of Expat Mortgages was very good experience. People working there are always very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They fit the schedule to your needs and not the other way around. Wholeheartedly recommend t...

Juan Paniagua

Nederland Juan Paniagua


“We have no words to express our gratitude to Maikel and Expat Mortgages.  From our first appointment to the day we received the keys from our house they were there to guide us and advice us.  With them by our side buying a house was a very pleasant experience....

Christiaan Carradice

England Christiaan Carradice


My experience with Expat Mortgages has been a pleasure from the beginning They were recommend to me and I too would highly recommend them to others.
I found everybody to be very helpful, friendly and professional throughout the whole process.

Matheus Mansur Hermsdorff & Inge van der Valk

Brazilie Matheus Mansur Hermsdorff & Inge van der Valk


Expat Mortgage provided me and my wife with a top quality service. Due to work constraint and personal reasons we needed to do things very quick and Chris van Maasdijk was of extreme value to help us out. He clearly understood the sense of urgent and acted promptly. It was a g...

Bihao Song & Xianghui Wen

China Bihao Song & Xianghui Wen


Dear Chris and the Expat-Mortgages team, we are so grateful to have chosen the Expat-Mortgages as our financial advisor when buying our first house in the Netherlands. Thanks for your very fast and positive response when we first contacted you in such a hurry, thanks for setti...

Pavel Zalevskiy & Elitsa Lyubenova

Rusland Pavel Zalevskiy & Elitsa Lyubenova


We would like to express our big gratitude to Expat Mortgages and Maikel Ros in particular. Our process of buying a house was not an easy one, and if it wasn't for great help, overwhelmingly fast reaction and amazing support from Expat Mortgages we wouldn't be able to ...

Nicola Ceccarelli & Costanza Boschetti

Italie Nicola Ceccarelli & Costanza Boschetti


We really appreciated the work that expat mortgages has done for us. They have been extremely helpful and professional in guiding us through the mortgage selection process without pushing for any preferred solution but trying to interpret our desires. Overall we felt safe in h...

Alex Kadyshev & Svitlana Kadysheva

Oekraine Alex Kadyshev & Svitlana Kadysheva


It has been a great pleasure working with Maikel and his colleagues from Expat-Mortgages. Many thanks for the prompt responses by email and phone, detailed and professional step-by-step help. With your help we've got our 1st mortgage. I am very pleased to recommend Expat M...

Erik Furlanis

Italie Erik Furlanis


I got in touch with Henk after attending a very informative seminar targeted at Expats buying a property in NL. ?As a single young guy, I always had huge fears in committing to a 30 years mortgage, in a country where I was not born. ?Henk was always very professional and preci...

Andrew Cahill

Zuid-Afrika Andrew Cahill


Really Great Job. Chris and his team were super efficient and remained professional throughout the whole process. With Expat Mortgages on your side the process of purchasing a new home is not near as difficult as you may think. Thanks Chris and Expat Mortgages for the amazing ...

Anna Shershnova & Stanislav Biespolitov

Oekraine Anna Shershnova & Stanislav Biespolitov


With the help of Maikel and his colleagues we became the happy owners of our first apartment in the Netherlands! Many thanks for carrying us through the whole process of Dutch mortgage system, explaining the details and answering all our questions. Expat Mortgages made the pro...

Giacomo Manca

Italie Giacomo Manca


Excellent and professional service, capable to go the extra mile that makes you feel more comfortable when taking this important decision. Highly recommended to all people looking for a financial consultant in properties buying.

Matthew Midgley & Jane Piper

Australie Matthew Midgley & Jane Piper


We would like to thank Chris and his team for all of their help arranging our mortgage. We are 100% satisfied with the service from our first meeting until we signed the final contract. Most important to us was that Chris was always available to answer any questions we had alo...

Diego Mendez

Spanje Diego Mendez


I highly recommend Maikel and his Expat-Mortgages colleagues for their excellent job arranging the purchase of my first department. It's great having people helping in every step of the process explaining all the details in English.

Ganna & Ievgenii Chernenko

Oekraine Ganna & Ievgenii Chernenko


Many thanks to Maikel and all Expat Mortgages. They carried us through the process of buying apartment by giving necessary advices on time. At the end it took less than month from the moment of saying 'I'll take it' to getting keys from our new apartment and findin...

Park and Kim

Zuid-Korea Park and Kim


"We would like to thank to Maikel Ros for helping us to find a perfect house we were looking for. We are so pleased with his professional service and kindness to all matters. We wish you all success for the future"

Arkady Turchenko & Kseniia Palchikova

Rusland Arkady Turchenko & Kseniia Palchikova


Dear Expat-Mortgages,
I would like to thank Richardo, Ruby, Henk and the rest of your team for a great work.
You did a good job helping me buying a house. Two years ago I couldn't imagined that I will live today in my own house in the Netherlands.
And it ...

Alex & Julie Gevrenov

Verenigde Staten Alex & Julie Gevrenov


I highly recommend Henk if you are considering purchasing a house and getting a mortgage. He was not only extremely knowledgeable, helpful and open, but also very personable and with a great sense of humor! He was a partner for us through the process and it diminished our stre...

Sergey Lesnikov & Mariya Tarashchenko

Oekraine Sergey Lesnikov & Mariya Tarashchenko


The Expat Mortgages team is very professional and caring! They helped us to understand the Dutch mortgage system and property market tax returns and made a very explicit cost projections and calculations which enabled us to make the right choice! We would like to thank to all ...

Parker Blackiston

Verenigde Staten Parker Blackiston


Maikel was very professional and knowledgeable. having someone to walk you through the process in English made me much more comfortable at each stage of the process. thanks for the help!

Anca & Vlad Zinculescu

Roemenie Anca & Vlad Zinculescu


We first contacted Expat Mortgages after attending one of their presentations. They made the whole process of buying a property in The Netherlands look so smooth and âpossibleâ, that we decided to give it a try. We were thinking about buying an apartment in Amsterd...

Lilit Atanesyan & Shavarsh Nurijanyan

Nederland Lilit Atanesyan & Shavarsh Nurijanyan


We had a great success of getting an apartment purchase mortgage despite obstacles from the side of the bank and immigration office. Now happy owners of an apartment with a comfortable mortgage rate. For our next purchase we will again definitely contact Chris as we appreciate...

Angelika Koppe

Duitsland Angelika Koppe


Ich habe mit Henk für die Finanzierung unseres Hauses zusammengearbeitet. Henk ist sehr sympathisch und professionell und hat uns alle Details ausführlich erklärt und kümmert sich um alles, bis zur finalen Unterschrift unter dem Darlehensvertrag. Sollten Si...

Brina Brate & David Pivk

Slovenie Brina Brate & David Pivk


Chris and his team have been a great support to us in buying our first property in Holland! They are extremely professional and also very friendly toward explaining the details of the mortgage in a simple way so that anybody can understand. They have flexible working hours and...

Lucian Grosu & Svetlana Tocari

Nederland Lucian Grosu & Svetlana Tocari


I'd like to thank Expat Mortgages and Maikel, for the great service they offered to us. We managed to get our dream house pretty fast, and they made sure we got all the information we needed, most of it translated to English (since we don't really speak Dutch yet) Than...

Nicky Dawson

United Kingdom Nicky Dawson


We used Expat Mortgages for our recent house purchase, March 2014. They were informative and timely with all their correspondence. They were flexible with appointment times and could meet in the evenings. As we were English expats Maikel was invaluable with translating the mor...

Dmitry Yakobchuk

Rusland Dmitry Yakobchuk


Big thanks to Maikel Ros and Expat Mortgages in general! Everything went smooth, quiet and successful at the end. Just like all the top professionals do. Did not regret any single euro i have paid to the company. Best wishes for your continued success!

Daniel Teixeira & Katarina Kuarcabova

Portugal  Slowakije Daniel Teixeira & Katarina Kuarcabova


A friend of ours recommended Henk and his team at Expat Mortgages to us a year ago when we started looking for an apartment. His service turned out as a great choice, especially being expats. 
Henk guided us through the whole process; we were always fully informed a...

Tom Fleuriot

United Kingdom Tom Fleuriot


Chris and Ruby at Expat Mortgages were really helpful. We gave them a fairly complicated set of circumstances and they managed to find a solution that met all of our needs. They also provided advice regarding the purchase and the notary, and were always quick to respond to any...

Graeme Ridsdale

United Kingdom Graeme Ridsdale


I'd like to say a big thanks to Henk and his team for making a stressfull situation into a stressless pleasure, I will be recomending Expat Mortgages to everyone who will listen. Great job guys thanks again.

Catherine Dilloughery & Kevin Dignam

Ierland Catherine Dilloughery & Kevin Dignam


When it came to buying our apartment in Nederland, Maikel and his team guided us expertly through the maze. Right from our first exploratory meeting we felt we were in good hands. Without Ex-Pat Mortgages it would have been very, very difficult. Through the mostly good parts a...

Elmira Omarova & Aslan Azimzhanov

Nederland Elmira Omarova & Aslan Azimzhanov


Maikel and his colleagues did a great job for us by helping to arrange our mortgage for the apartment. He has provided us with a real professional services with a excellent explanations about the mortgage market. We have feel ourselves very secured and are happy that we have w...

Jarret Zigon & Sylvia Tidey

Verenigde Staten Jarret Zigon & Sylvia Tidey


Maikel and his colleagues at Expat Mortgages were wonderful to work with. They really took us by the hand and guided us each step of the way, teaching us the ins and outs of the Dutch mortgage system as we went along. We honestly don't know how we could have done it withou...

Ersoy Erturk

Turkije Ersoy Erturk


I have worked with Henk for my mortgage. He took care of the process from very beginning till the final step. Although I have a different case than usual everything went smoothly and as planned. I would totally recommend Henk for your mortgage process.

Kire Hajba

Nederland Kire Hajba


Buying a house in Netherlands for the first time is like a rocket science! Chris and Expat mortgages helped me to understand everything and they arrange everything for me perfectly! Should I add that the rates that they give me were bargain? Thank you again for helping me! :)<...

Ani Kusmenoglu & Baris Tuna

Turkije Ani Kusmenoglu & Baris Tuna


Expat Mortgages provided us one of the best customer experiences that we had in the Netherlands so far. Coming from Turkey, we are not familiar with mortgage process. Chris handled and explained every single detail for us, answered our questions patiently and quickly. Whole mo...

Sergiy Kozlov & Olga Shykalova-Kozlov

Oekraine Sergiy Kozlov & Olga Shykalova-Kozlov


Buying a house is usually a long and a quite complicated process. You can think that you know everything about it, even if you don't, your smart friends must help you in case if you  need help of somebody smart. You call them, skype them, ask all those messy questions...

Neil Marshall

United Kingdom Neil Marshall


I was recommended Expat Mortgages by a colleague and from start to finish it was a very smooth process with excellent customer service, and no stress at all. Definitely good value for money and I couldn't/wouldn't have done it without Expat Mortgages.

Boris Garaev & Anna Garaeva

Rusland Boris Garaev & Anna Garaeva


I hired Henk as a mortgage adviser when I was looking for a new house.
Henk provided me a great overview of possible mortgage conditions from different banks.
And when we made a decision which type of mortgage to apply to, his agency did all this tough paper work v...

Harish Kumar & Sunita Rani

India Harish Kumar & Sunita Rani


When we contacted the Expat-Mortgages, we were in a very complicated and difficult situation and the entire deal was about to collapse due to mistakes of aankoopmakelaar (buying side real-estate agent). We were approaching the deadline to arrange the mortgage. Despite limited ...

Tina Mattingley & Sander ten Wolde

United Kingdom  Nederland Tina Mattingley & Sander ten Wolde


We’d like to thank Chris and his team for their patience and support while helping us to buy our home in Holland.  We are a Dutch/English couple, and whilst we’ve both had mortgages before, it was our first together and my first in a foreign country.  Chr...

Evgeny Lapin & Svetlana Lapina

Rusland Evgeny Lapin & Svetlana Lapina


Dear Chris, Ruby and other Colleagues from Expat Mortgages, We would like to say once again a big thank you for your support during our mortgage process. We are sure that chosen your firm was one key decision to success. Getting mortgage for the property here was unimaginable ...

Rupert Willis

Belgie Rupert Willis


I spend most of my working time in Belgium, so when I decided to buy a property in the Netherlands it was very important for me to be able to able to rely on Expat mortgages to handle all the adminstrative details for the mortgage, arrange the valuation, and so on. I'm hap...

Tim Hoy

United Kingdom Tim Hoy


Expat Mortgages helped me understand the Dutch mortgage system and guided me through every step of the way. I learned very quickly to trust Maikel's advice, which I was very happy to follow. Thanks again!

Re Wuk & Hyejung Kim

Zuid-Korea Re Wuk & Hyejung Kim


"MR Richardo" supported me to purchase a house. He was very helpful and kind, he supported me to check the contract in dutch and some issues. and gave me a good recommendation and advice. if you consider buying a house, i would like to recommend him strongly. Thanks<...

Almero & Anthea Steyn

Zuid-Afrika Almero & Anthea Steyn


On the recommendation of a friend we went straight ahead with Expat Mortgages for the purchase of our home. We can honestly say that we do not regret it. The entire process ran extremely smoothly. Based on our experience we can recommend Expat Mortgages without any reservation...

Thomas Rot & Gaia Lupo

Nederland  Italie Thomas Rot & Gaia Lupo


We are very happy that we have chosen Expat Mortgages to help us with our mortgage. The mortgage law in the Netherlands is quite complicated and changed during our house search. Chris van Maasdijk patiently answered all our questions, and in the end the mortgage formalities we...

Nemanja & Sandra Djuric

Servie Nemanja & Sandra Djuric


Richardo and Expat Mortgages team simplified, otherwise pretty complicated, process of getting mortgage in Netherlands. Having meetings at my workplace saved us a lot of time. They had a lot patience and time to answer all questions and concerns we had. I recommend their servi...

Sarah Price & Rick Kalsbeek

Australie  Nederland Sarah Price & Rick Kalsbeek


We would like to thank expat mortgages for making buying a house in the Netherlands so easy. Richardo was with us every step of the way, we felt supported right from the beginning, and it was such an easy and hassle free experience that I would recommend to anyone that they sh...

Igor & Yara Pogrebitsky

Oekraine Igor & Yara Pogrebitsky


Initially, we wanted to arrange our first mortgage directly with bank, but after couple of meetings with bank advisers we realized that we are only numbers for the banks and nobody want to understand your situation. The style of work of Richardo was absolutely different. He al...

Lucie Giron & Arnaud Viemont

Frankrijk Lucie Giron & Arnaud Viemont


Chosing Expat Mortgages was really the best choise and a releave when you go though the harssle of buying an appartement in a foreign country. Richardo was really a good advise and understood perfectly our need always and more importantly always available and smiling! The mort...

Megan Vasko

Verenigde Staten Megan Vasko


Home ownership was nothing I'd ever considered seriously. "I'm a nomad," I'd tell myself, "No point in owning a house." Then after meeting several women around my same age or younger who also considered themselves transient, it all of a sudden d...

Jinrong Wang & Tan Li

China Jinrong Wang & Tan Li


We would like to appreciate a lot for the help provided by Expat Mortgages, especially Richardo Cruz Fortes. He said âI will on top of everythingâ, which made us feel really warm. It seemed so difficult at the beginning as we had to arrange contacts with so many in...

Anna Borsuk

United Kingdom Anna Borsuk


Richardo and the team at Expat mortgages simplified the process of getting a mortgage in The Netherlands. I really appreciated the flexibity of evening meetings,bringing papers to my place of work for me to sign and providing translations of documents. Richardo was extremely k...


India Siva


Highly recommend Expat Mortgage services for their professional work and advice and itâs indeed a stress free experience in buying a house.

Natalia Sanchez & John Haltiwanger

Colombia  Verenigde Staten Natalia Sanchez & John Haltiwanger


We are very pleased with our experience with Expat Mortgages! Buying an apartment in a country which laws and regulations were not familiar to us felt safe and easy with the help of Expat Mortgages. Our advisor Richardo was patient with our questions and he helped us understan...

Susanna Pasqualini

Italie Susanna Pasqualini


Henk was my adviser during all the purchase process of my house.
He was fantastic, very useful and professional!
I really recommend him.

Carl & Maria Elena Nunney

United Kingdom  Frankrijk Carl & Maria Elena Nunney


Dear Henk it was both a pleasure and reassuring to work with such a professional company as expat-mortgages.House buying in any country has always some element of stress attached to it.Your clear explanations and repsonsivenss ,supported by an extremely competent backroom staf...

Julia & Max Grymov

Oekraine Julia & Max Grymov


It was a pleasure for us to work with you guys! You really turned such a complicated thing as buying a house into one pleasant journey.

Stephen & Poppy Daly

United Kingdom Stephen & Poppy Daly


Maikel and tyhe team made our entire house purchase process very smooth. They were with us each step of the way, helping us with things that you would expect, but also with things that were very much outside the remit of just a mortgage adviser. We are now in our house and wou...

Marco Pavone & Raquel Poncela Jimenez

Italie  Spanje Marco Pavone & Raquel Poncela Jimenez


We are really happy for the good job done by Richardo. The whole process was much more easy and smooth with his advices and support.

Corrado Locati

Italie Corrado Locati


It was a great pleasure dealing with Mr. Maikel Ros, from Expat Mortgages. The process has been constantly monitored, from the first mortgage calculations, until the signature to the notary. I've been always kept updated and each step has been reported to me with great cla...

Pushpendra Rathi & Neha Chaudhary

India Pushpendra Rathi & Neha Chaudhary


It was amazing for me to work with Chris. I really appreciate his work & the professional manner in which he handled the task. he made the whole mortgage process much smoother & quicker for me. I got the bank approval in less than a month which was really fast.... enjo...

Julio Penaforte & Silvia Mamede

Brazilie Julio Penaforte & Silvia Mamede


Expat Mortgages has been recommended to me by a colleague, and I must say that it went beyond my expectations. In the end the whole process was very pleasant and through the whole procedure I got very professional advises from Richardo. He explained me very clearly all the ste...

Virginie Wiktor

Frankrijk Virginie Wiktor


Expat Mortgages has been recommended to me by a colleague, and I must say that it went beyond my expectations. In the end the whole process was very pleasant and through the whole procedure I got very professional advises from Richardo. He explained me very clearly all the ste...

Georgina Gomez & Erik Raskin

Italie  Belgie Georgina Gomez & Erik Raskin


We were badly misinformed by our Belgian bank and we chose a flat in NL, so it was a bad surprise to learn we had a flat but no mortgage! We contacted expat-mortgages and Richardo came a day later. He could make it work and got us a good offer with a tight deadline. He did his...

Gonzalo Arroyo Mir & Sandra Kohler

Spanje  Duitsland Gonzalo Arroyo Mir & Sandra Kohler


As a young couple buying our first house, we are very happy we chose Expat Mortgages to help us through the whole process. Richardo provided us with a very professional guidance, together with a personal proximity that really helped us during the hectic and sometimes confusing...

Sathyanarayanan Melath & Sobha Radhakrishnan

India Sathyanarayanan Melath & Sobha Radhakrishnan


We had a good offer to buy a house which we had already rented but we had no idea of how to deal with the legal formalities like arranging the loan, getting things with notary. We heard Expat Mortgages name from our friend who had already took their service. We called and Chri...

Prasanna & Alaknanda Rao

India Prasanna & Alaknanda Rao


It was indeed a pleasant experience of securing the loan through Expat Mortgages. Chris explained all the nuances involved in the loan process, patiently answered all our queries and concerns. Indeed made the process of securing the loan an effortless exercise. We would gladly...

Chiara Latronico & Kelly Chambers

Italie  Verenigde Staten Chiara Latronico & Kelly Chambers


It has been a pleasure to work with Chris and his team. They have always been available for questions, were quick to offer advice and were generally very friendly and professional at the same time. They also managed to secure us a mortgage very easily. I happily recommend to w...

Pavlos Panteliadis

Griekenland Pavlos Panteliadis


Henk took care of my mortgage from the very beginning till the moment we received the keys to our apartment. He is a highly skilled expert and together with his punctuality and efficiency delivers high quality services. Strongly recommended.

Janos Kis & Veronika Kisne Laszlo

Hongarije Janos Kis & Veronika Kisne Laszlo


Buying property for the family, especially in a foreign country, is never easy. Thanks to Henk it took us only a month - from the time we had our 1st  meeting - to get the purchase and mortgage contract duly signed. We had various options to manage the process: finally we...

Kirsten & Adam

Nederland  Verenigde Staten Kirsten & Adam


The expat mortgages team treated our case with exceptional care and expediency. When things got challenging, they pulled out all the stops to get us signed and moved in. We did not expect this level of service.

Dear Henk, Needless to say: we couldn’t have done it...

Kenn & Gladys Kobia

Kenia Kenn & Gladys Kobia


Getting in touch with Expat Mortages to enable us purchase our home in the Netherlands was simply the best decision we made. They went above and beyond the call of duty providing practical, useful and timely advice. Its rare when you get such excellent and personalized service...

Philipp Türtscher & Silke Frasch

Australie  Duitsland Philipp Türtscher & Silke Frasch


It was a great pleasure for us to work with Maikel and his team from Expat Mortgages. In May, on very short notice, we decided to move to the Netherlands and only a few months later, in September, we were owners of our new home. Expat Mortgages was a g...

Lyndall Farley & Stephen Bartlett

Australie Lyndall Farley & Stephen Bartlett


Chris and the team made the process of buying our first home, in an foreign market, effortless.  We felt comforted by the professional, tailored and pragmatic advice we received. All our questions were answered. Our application was handled with minimal effort required fro...

Salvatore Tione & Anita Perminova

Italie Salvatore Tione & Anita Perminova


It was a pleasure for us to work with Chris and his team. We appreciated the professional manner he handled throughout the whole process including his communication, his liaising with the banks and achieving a good bank offer for us. In total, Chris made it all work very smoot...

Charlotte Manton & Wilmar van Grondelle

United Kingdom Charlotte Manton & Wilmar van Grondelle


We are extremely pleased with the service from expat mortgages and believe that they made the whole mortgage process much smoother for us. Chris advised us and explained everything clearly and thoroughly and was very efficient and organised. He was available in the evenings an...

Benedikt Enzler & Georgina Poad

Duitsland  United Kingdom Benedikt Enzler & Georgina Poad


Dear Chris We wanted to thank you very much for your advice on the mortgage for our house. You were so helpful, kind and patient with us and we are very happy. Greetings, all the best and see you soon, Georgie and Benedikt

Daniel & Silla Arteaga

United Kingdom Daniel & Silla Arteaga


We never thought that within 3 months of moving to Amsterdam we would own our own property but with the help of Expat Mortgages we achieved the impossible. Consistently professional, prompt and totally customer-focussed - we were in good hands throughout the process. Great aft...

Mark Askew

United Kingdom Mark Askew


Excellent, professional and friendly service throughout. Chris and his team took care of everything for me and made the whole process comfortable, relaxed and hassle free. Not to mention they also got me a great deal. Expat Mortgages come highly recommended.

Ross & Pikun McCallum

United Kingdom Ross & Pikun McCallum


Expat Mortgages came recommended, and they did not fail to meet my expectations of being nothing but professional. Chris and the team where able to answer the multitude of questions we had, delivered a consistently high level of service from start to finish, but most important...

Izabela & Robert Parys

Polen Izabela & Robert Parys


We would like to thank very much Expat Mortgages for perfectly guided house purchase process and all support we got. Maikel and Ruby were extremely responsive and always one step ahead, ready to answer for most difficult or silly questions. Always on time, with all paperwork d...

Douglas & Annica Posthumus-Meyjes

Zuid-Afrika Douglas & Annica Posthumus-Meyjes


We would just want to thank you again for the service given and really feel that you have done allot more that would be expected from any mortgages agent!!


Burak Gürsoy

Turkije Burak Gürsoy


The rents in Amsterdam is usually high and the places available for renting
are not always the places/locations you want to live in. So, instead of 
continuously paying a high rent (which got increased annually) I’ve
decided to buy a flat instead. ...

Michael Finitsis

United Kingdom Michael Finitsis


Expat Mortgages made it so easy for me, I was very busy with work so after I found the house they looked after everything else and made the process so enjoyable. I honestly couldn't imagine buying a house any other way.

Nelson Ferraz & Raquel Panarello

Brazilie Nelson Ferraz & Raquel Panarello


I would like to thank you for the excellent service. You provided all the information we needed, making the entire process worry-free. As you said in the first meeting, you went the extra mile to help us!

Irsan Saparianto & Amanda Sastranegara

Indonesie Irsan Saparianto & Amanda Sastranegara


For foreigners with zero experience in buying a house, finding the right mortgage and calculating the expected costs can be daunting. Fortunately for me and my wife, Expat Mortgages provided excellent service to guide us through the whole process. Maikel Ros provided us with t...

Louie Abear & Jobeth Joven

Filipijnen Louie Abear & Jobeth Joven


We can't make it without your help Expat Mortgages. The waiting went to something really worthy. As a young couples we still learning and building things because of the wide information you've given to us we're not only accommodate something but also earning some k...

Vanessa & Pierrick Talguen

Colombia  Frankrijk Vanessa & Pierrick Talguen


We would like to thank the team of expat mortgages and especially Chris who was by our side during the full process of buying our apartment. He was always ready to answer any questions and giving advises each time with a friendly and warmth sm...

Lydia Jones

United Kingdom Lydia Jones


I was a first time buyer and Chris and the whole team at Expat Mortgages made the whole process of buying a house and getting a mortgage so easy and smooth, I didn't have to do anything - they took care of everything with great service, friendly attitude and professionalis...

Shaun Palmer & Bouke Huurnink

Verenigde Staten  Nederland Shaun Palmer & Bouke Huurnink


Henk helped us with the mortgage for our first apartment in Amsterdam. He helped us from the beginning to the end of the process, doing a thorough job with the mortgage advice in English, but also recommending a good real estate agent. We're very happy with Henk's work...

Anna Adacha & Wojciech Rybus

Polen Anna Adacha & Wojciech Rybus


I would like to recommend mortgage consultant services of Richardo. He offers very professional advice concerning mortgage possibilities on the Dutch market. He will lead you smoothly through the process of buing a house. Very open and friendly attitude.

Andreina Romero Fernandez

Venezuela Andreina Romero Fernandez


I had a fantastic guidance into the complicated Dutch real state market thanks to Richardo and the whole Expat Mortgages team. They were always easy at reach and with straightforward answers to my queries. The financial paperworks for the mortage were handled without glitches ...

Sheela Balasubramanian

United Kingdom Sheela Balasubramanian


Buying my own apartment has been a dream of mine for over 10 years and finally this dream has now come true.
Chris and his team were brilliant. Chris's flexibility in terms of meetings combined with his professionalism provided me with a sense of ...

Andrii Mishkovsky &, Viktoriia Katenkarii

Oekraine Andrii Mishkovsky &, Viktoriia Katenkarii


When we started looking for apartment we knew exactly zero about the process. Expart Mortgages made sure it stayed that way. :)
In all seriousness though, we only have positive things to say about Maikel and Expat Mortgages. It wasn't an easy situation to handle sinc...

Kartic Vyas & Shikha Parashar

India Kartic Vyas & Shikha Parashar


Expat Mortgages is professionally set up where the services are delivered as agreed

and on time. The complete process is transparent and customer friendly. My dedicated

consultant was Chris van Maasdijk, who guided me throughout and provided

clear expla...

Youn Sang Lee & Su Mi Kim

Zuid-Korea Youn Sang Lee & Su Mi Kim


Thanks for all of your kindness help.

Bilal Salahuddin & Marya Salim

Nederland Bilal Salahuddin & Marya Salim


The experience with Expat Mortgages has been without a doubt one of the finest

service experiences we have had in the Netherlands. Maikel Ros was the main contact

for us and we always were one step ahead of the process because he completely


JC & Jamie Ferrieres

Frankrijk JC & Jamie Ferrieres


With all tricks and changes on the dutch market recently we thought buying a house

would be a long way. And that's when expat Mortgages enter the game. With their

help, patience and despite the distance we finally found and bought our first home


Barry & Catherine Johnson

England  Frankrijk Barry & Catherine Johnson


We were not sure of the benefit of using Expat mortgages to help in buying our first

property in Amsterdam. Buy we must reassure you that it was a great decision to use

Chris and his team, as we saved time, money and received personal service at home in Eng...

Murthy & Deepa Karra

India Murthy & Deepa Karra


Buying the house was dream for me especially in places like amsterdam. Do not know

the process, language skills to understand the terms, negotiation aspects, mortgage

dealings... all these factors bothered me lot... BUT THEN, Chris & Ruby - the team

Katja & Oliver Kern

Duitsland Katja & Oliver Kern


We are first time buyers and thanks to Expat Mortgages - especially Maikel Ros - it

was an extremely smooth and relaxed experience! Instead of struggling through the

complicated process of getting a mortgage on our own, Michael took care of everything


Charles & Elsje van Dyk

Zuid-Afrika Charles & Elsje van Dyk


We would like to thank Richardo and the rest of the Expat Mortgages' Team for all

their help with our mortgage! They are friendly and helpful people who go the extra

mile for their clients. Our journey was a long one, but we finally have our own home. I...

Cristina Baicoianu & Bogdan Aurelian

Roemenie Cristina Baicoianu & Bogdan Aurelian


Richardo really impressed us, when fighting for our mortgage. His commitment went beyond what we would have expected, and that is how we got the mortgage. Our situation involved getting special resident permits from the Dutch state, and on top we dealt with misleading banks. W...

Natalia Merchan & Mart Jansen

Colombia  Nederland Natalia Merchan & Mart Jansen


We recently bought a house and thanks to the help of expat-mortgages our dream

came through. Richardo advised us and helped us throughout the whole process. He

was helpful and charming all the time. We are very grateful with the whole team!

Joanna Ambroziak

Polen Joanna Ambroziak


I would like to thank Maikel Ros and the whole Expat Mortgages team for the very

professional service from the beginning of the mortgage process to the end. Fully

recommend Expat Mortgages to all foreigners serching for their dream or just house in


Federico Savani

Italie Federico Savani


I just bought a little appartment in Amsterdam. Richardo and Ruby have been attentive,

responsive, nice and always ready to cordially answer all those questions that might

come up when taking a mortgage. They guided me through different options, leaving to<...

Mohammad Gull & Olena Kormachova

Oekraine Mohammad Gull & Olena Kormachova


Richardo has helped us with our mortgage. He has great command on his profession

and he explained all the details explicitly to us. He is absolutely trustworthy and

reliable to get the mortgage done within the time frame.

Marc & Aimee Nicol

England Marc & Aimee Nicol


I have just moved into a new house for which Henk acted as my mortgage advisor,

always supportive, contactable and has a fantastic knowledge of the financial market

place to offer the best possible options available. Would advise anyone looking for a

Wilmer San Martin

The Netherlands Wilmer San Martin


I would like thank Chris for their help, when it came to helping me with the mortgages

of buying my place. Everything was clear and Chrisâs friendly, professional and always

available to explain all, having always time and patiente, this way made it a...

Niel Liebenberg & Anja Liebenberg

Zuid-Afrika Niel Liebenberg & Anja Liebenberg


We were so tired of having appointments with the banks trying to arrange a home

loan. Many wasted hours leading to no solutions. Judith Anderiesen advised us to call

Maikel. What a pleasure working with him! He is a friendly, helpful , very professional per...

Eldar Rakhimberdiev & Yulia Karagicheva

Rusland Eldar Rakhimberdiev & Yulia Karagicheva


We did not even to think of success in buying a house on Texel as our application was

rejected by all major Dutch banks. Then we have found the Expat Mortgages...

And got the key in about a month. Unbelievable. Maikel Ros did an excellent job. Thank you so ...

Yusuf Sariinci

Turkije Yusuf Sariinci


I just bought a new house with Henk's help. From beginning to end, he was always

responsive, informative, top-professional as well as friendly.

With a single tip he saved me thousands of Euros. He was always in time and next to

me at every step...

Zayne Dagher

United Kingdom Zayne Dagher


I can't thank Chris and his team enough for their patience, help and calm when it came

to helping me sort the financial side of buying my place. Everything was clear and

Chris's friendly and professional way made it a pleasant experience from start ...

Soubhik & Sriparna Chatterjee

India Soubhik & Sriparna Chatterjee


We could not imagine buying a house would be so smooth and efficient. Right from the

initial introduction to the final signing of papers, the Expat Mortgages team was very

helpful and efficient. My repeated queries and emails were answered even during

Mark & Anna Collinge

United Kingdom Mark & Anna Collinge


The whole team at Expat Mortgages were fantastic in supporting us in the purchase of

a houseboat in Amsterdam as our home. Chris van Maasdijk ensured the whole

process ran smoothly, provided us with clear information and immediately responded

to an...

Alessandra S. & Valentina S.

Italie Alessandra S. & Valentina S.


We have been extremely pleased with the kindness and professionalism of Chris and

his colleagues. In particular, Chris has been always available to answer any question

we might have about mortgage application and house purchase and to meet us during


Alex & Kris Gutowski

Polen  United Kingdom Alex & Kris Gutowski


Home, Sweet Home! Got so excited about the whole idea that only now we have

recalled that we didn't leave a feedback. And of course - we have to say, that with the

Expat Mortgages things went so smoothly to us. We are pleased to recommend these


Ashish & Natasha Ranjan

India  Nederland Ashish & Natasha Ranjan


With this email I wish to ackowledge the service that you have provided to us for the deal of our dreamhouse Bernard toon Gitsstraat 20.

We started with our meetings and your reports on my situation last year. It took us almost 10 months to find a good house that we...

Jenny & Warren Spencer

United Kingdom Jenny & Warren Spencer


We just wanted to pass on our thanks to you for helping to make our dream house a reality. We are so pleased with our new home and know that we will spend many happy years there. We wish you all success for the future.


Ralf & Anne Laumann

Duitsland  United Kingdom Ralf & Anne Laumann


Once we decided to commit to being in Holland for the forseeable future, and join the

house owning 'ladder', Expat Mortgages could not have been more helpful. Everyone

who we came into contact with was so friendly and helpful. We were looked after e...

Igor Cherkashyn & Iryna Sinikova

Oekraine Igor Cherkashyn & Iryna Sinikova


Henk is a highly qualified advisor. He is client oriented, dedicated professional and

excellent communicator. I would be glad to work with Henk again should the

opportunity arise and hold him in very high regard.

M. Munoz & S. Martin

Spanje M. Munoz & S. Martin


Buying a new apartment is something really exciting, but when you are involved in the

process you realize that a bad decision could be something that you can regret in the

future... We are a couple that just bought an apartment in Amsterdam, we are very

Vinicius Tragante & Gudrún Stefánsdóttir

Brazilie Vinicius Tragante & Gudrún Stefánsdóttir


As we are both expats from countries with very distinct mortgage rules, seeking help

from experts was essential. Richardo helped us by presenting different options,

explaining and calculating possibilities. Even in unique times like recently, when the

Karen & Brian Ferris

Nieuw-Zeeland Karen & Brian Ferris


Henk assisted us with our first mortgage and house purchase in the Netherlands.

Henk was very thorough and patient and took us through the whole process carefully

step by step. He was a great resource and I would strongly recomend him to buyers in the Nethe...

Yves Orton & Lynn Quek

Canada  Singapore Yves Orton & Lynn Quek


Our rent was high, and we were thinking of buying a house, but found the whole

process to be very intimidating. After Expat Mortgages did a presentation at my

company I decided that using them would make my life easier, and it was. They sorted

us o...

Andy Günthard & Federica Clemente

Zwitserland  Italie Andy Günthard & Federica Clemente


We bought our first house with the help of Expat Mortages. Initially we were quite

nervous about our decision to buy a house in the Netherlands only a few months after

having arrived.

Expat Mortgages and especially Chris were extremely helpful to h...

Ted & Anna Pajak

Polen  China Ted & Anna Pajak


Chris has swiftly explained meanders of Dutch mortgages and has made entire

application process as smooth and simple for us as possible. He has shown a great

deal of patience and professionalism to answer upon all questions and doubts that

were pop...

Sridhar Krishnan & Smitha Iyer

India Sridhar Krishnan & Smitha Iyer


Henk helped me with my mortgage application for my first house in Amsterdam.

Dealing with such complicated/legal paperwork in a foreign country and in a language i

dont speak, i was so impressed by how smooth the process went, thanks largely to


Sujay Srungere Anjena & Veena Rajanna

India Sujay Srungere Anjena & Veena Rajanna


We bought a house through Expat Mortgages last year and the service given by Expat

Mortgages and especially Chris van Maasdijk is superb. They stood with us in

expected difficult times and helped us everytime we needed some help while buying

the ho...

Jonathan & Andrea Travaglia

Nieuw-Zeeland  Australie Jonathan & Andrea Travaglia


We found Expat Mortgages to be very easy to deal with. They did a good job sorting

out our mortgage quickly and professionally during a very busy time over the christmas

period. Thanks very much for the help!

Valentina Grossi

Italie Valentina Grossi


Chris is straightforward, clear and very professional. He made the whole process of

applying for a mortgage simple and stress-free, which was perfect for me because I am constantly traveling for business and have a very hectic schedule. Chris is transparent and trus...

Robin & Sarah Murray

United Kingdom Robin & Sarah Murray


We would like to thank Chris and the team at Expat Mortgages for making the process

of obtaining the right mortgage for us so simple. From first contacting Chris the service

was excellent with everything explained clearly and translated into English. We wer...

Asha Basavanthappa & Pradeep Srinivas

India Asha Basavanthappa & Pradeep Srinivas


Very recently, Chris & Expat Mortgages helped us with his/their professional advice in

buying our dream house in Netherlands. Even though we are in Netherlands from past

3.5 years, we were not confident of the house buying process including the mortgage...

Magda Bury & Bartek Kaminski

Polen Magda Bury & Bartek Kaminski


We would like to thank you very much for all your efforts helping us getting our own house. We couldn't do it without you. All your help and tips were really really helpful and professional. We are really happy and excited to start a new part of our life and without You ...

Yuriy & Yuliya Kostenko

Oekraine Yuriy & Yuliya Kostenko


It is vital to receive a proper professional assistance in the financing of your new home

and Expat Mortgages certainly meets this criterion. Chris at Expat Mortgages has a

solid expertise on the mortgage industry in the Netherlands and more importantly und...

Sherise van Wyk

Zuid-Afrika Sherise van Wyk


I tried to get a mortgage through a normal advisor in Amsterdam, but it was refused

by all the banks I applied at! I was about to give up on buying a home here, when my

agent asked expat mortgages for help. Chris van Maasdijk immediately saw the


Randy & Mi-An Paulo

Filipijnen Randy & Mi-An Paulo


Me and my wife have been living in Netherlands for less than 5 years and coming from

a Non-EU country, We've experienced that it's really hard and complicated to get a

mortgage for our dream house. Then come Expat Mortgages, with the help from Richa...

Chris Briers

United Kingdom Chris Briers


I received a very professional service from Chris van Maasdijk in Amsterdam. I would

certainly recommend Expat Mortgages to any foreigners in the Netherlands looking to

buy property.

W. Gerber & S. Botha

Zuid-Afrika W. Gerber & S. Botha


After living in the Netherlands for a while and paying high rent we decided its time to

buy our first house,so we took the first step and went to speak to our bank. To our

disappointment it was much more confusing than we thought, and having exhausted our s...

Alberto Prado & Elisabeth Leblanc

Spanje  Frankrijk Alberto Prado & Elisabeth Leblanc


When we decided to buy a house in Amsterdam we were confident we knew

everything about mortgages and were determined to do it all by ourselves. After

realising the intricacies of the Ducth system we called Chris to help us. His expertise

and deep u...

Gengsi Sun & Bateer Siqin

China Gengsi Sun & Bateer Siqin


My boy friend and I bought a house in the Netherlands and we have been working with

Mr. Richardo Cruz Fortes for our mortgage. As someone whose finance knowledge is

as good as her Dutch (very limited âº), the help from expat mortgage has really b...

Jim & Joan Smith

United Kingdom Jim & Joan Smith


From start to finish, Chris made the entire process of searching for, then acquiring a

mortgage, straight forward and anxiety free. His advice was well explained and easy to

understand, giving us total confidence in what we were doing. Everything happened q...

Zita Borotai

Hongarije Zita Borotai


Henk is a true professional, delivers what he promises, and is always on time. Always

contactable, provides advice and feedback promptly. He knows his subject very well,

and can make it understandable for everyone. He and his colleagues are providing excell...

Olga Gugina

Polen Olga Gugina


Once again I would like to thank you from my heart for all your efforts, advices and

help during the mortgage process and of course - for your kind support during the

transfer day! It was a very important day for me and Expat Mortgages made

me feel...

Bamshad Houshyani

Iran Bamshad Houshyani


Chris and his team and Expat Mortgage assisted me very efficiently with my mortgage

application. As soon as I found my dream canal (grachten) apartment in Amsterdam it

took them less than a month to come up with my desirable mortgage plan and


Nicolas Alejandro Gonzalez Garcia & Alma Lucero Duron Ortiz

Mexico Nicolas Alejandro Gonzalez Garcia & Alma Lucero Duron Ortiz


Henk is a professional committed to his clients. He considerably reduces the stress of

buying a new house for Expats. I am confident to recommend to hire his services.

Brad & April Lhotsky

USA Brad & April Lhotsky


Thank you very much for all your help throughout the process Henk. I know things

didn't go as smoothly as they could, but I know that you did everything in your power

to make it easy on us. It was nice to have someone who we genuinely felt was on our si...

Louis-Henri Chéreau & Perrine Chappellier

Frankrijk Louis-Henri Chéreau & Perrine Chappellier


When we heard the apartment of our dreams was available, we took contact with

Expat Mortgages, based on other colleagues positive feedback. Chris van Maasdijk

was right away a great contact, able to visit us late in the evening due to our work


Özgen Güngor & Ayca Ekim

Turkije Özgen Güngor & Ayca Ekim


We worked with Henk and were very pleased with the level of professionalism, quality

of service and attention we have received throughout the lengthy process. He has not

only provided excellent service to match our needs but also helped us with the other de...

Eveline Shum & Paul Gagnier

USA Eveline Shum & Paul Gagnier


We just bought a house with Henk's help. From beginning to end, he was responsive, expert, informative and demonstrates business savvy. He was a pleasure to

work with and really made the process straightforward and easy for us. I would definitely work with Henk ...

Audrey & Tim Reilly

United Kingdom Audrey & Tim Reilly


Our story is possibly one of the most pivotal in the journey of Expat mortgages as we are their very first customers! We first met Chris and Henk back in 2005,

after a friend recommended Chris to help us with our financial advice. Immediately we all got on very well...

Sanjay Kudale

India Sanjay Kudale


We moved to Netherlands 4 years back. Buying our own house was always on mind. After a leangthy search we finally found what we wanted. Mortgage was the

next big thing to step in this beautiful house. One of my friends recommended us to Chris van M...

Dave & Petra Benach

USA Dave & Petra Benach


Chris and his team are the best! From the initial, exploratory conversation on, they provided detailed, plain-language guidance. The entire process was seamless

and painless, to such an extent that we even felt comfortable working without a purchasing agent. BTW: wh...

Vinit & Gauri Punekar

India Vinit & Gauri Punekar


When we have decided to buy a house in Netherlands, the first person we have contacted is Chris Van Maasdijk from Expat Mortgages. In the very first meeting

itself, Chris has guided us through the whole procedure, and he really made it lot simpler to process all req...

Alessandro Ilardo

Italie Alessandro Ilardo


"Just want to thanks all team for helping me trough such important stage of my life. Planning to buy a property in a such period is definitely a tough task and without your help, it would have been even more


I was lost between banks ...

Alessandro Grande & Christina Rocca

Italie Alessandro Grande & Christina Rocca


After we have been working for 4 years in the Netherlands, my wife and myself decided to buy a house in The Hague. Even if we could get everything arranged on

our own, we wanted a professional help to avoid surprises. That\'s the moment we discovered the service...

Philip & Colleen Mcguire

ierland Philip & Colleen Mcguire


Henk, Richardo, Ruby,

The process of buying a house is at best, a stressful encounter. Especially when you are “foreign” to the ways and means...

Mohamed Nawari

United Kingdom Mohamed Nawari


Henk helped me arrange my mortgage for my first ever house. It's a shame I cant buy more houses so that I could work with Henk repeatedly!

Mohamed Nawari


George Banceanu

roemenie George Banceanu


Thank you Richardo,

for all your guidance and support throughout this process.
Everything went way smoother than I was hoping for and that's mainly your "fault".

Whenever I'll have the opportunity I'll be yours and Expat-Mortgages advoc...

Joe Cheruvathoor & Sonia George Williams

India Joe Cheruvathoor & Sonia George Williams


Good morning,

I wish to write a testimonial about my House finding Experience with Expat Mortgages and Richardo Cruz Fortes(who helped us with the process). We came to the Netherlands and lived here for 4 years before we applied for a Mortgage. The reason

Lucas Macias Navarro & Annette Haeberling

Spanje  Zwitserland Lucas Macias Navarro & Annette Haeberling


 Dearest Chris,

We wanted to send you our greetings and let you know that we moved in our beautiful new home sweet home! All this thanks to you!! So again from all our heart thank you!

As soon as we are properly installed you'll be kindly invited to inau...

Steve Hill

England Steve Hill


I just wanted to express my thanks for the magnificent job you did in sorting the mortgage out
I doubt if we could have solved the problems without your help and the experts at Expat mortgages. I wish that I had heard about your company sooner it would

Canan Erdem & Yasar Yagmur

turkije Canan Erdem & Yasar Yagmur


Dear Chris,
We received service from many people while we were trying to get a house; Chris was by far the most knowledgeable, the kindest and the friendliest of them all. Throughout the process, he tried to clarify every single question that we had in mind and..

Irina Maxinas

Roemenie Irina Maxinas


Henk was recommended to me by a friend of mine who used Henk's support in getting the mortgage. My friend spoke so highly of Henk that even if I thought I can very well master the mortgage process, I thought I'd give it a try. I have just bought a house and Henk helped...

 Nick & Carishma Thomas

United Kingdom Nick & Carishma Thomas


We moved to Amsterdam from London 16 months ago, taking a rented apartment on Prinseneiland. We quickly grew to love the city, but particularly the location in which we lived, and realised we were in no hurry to leave. So when a property on the island became available we put i...

Raquel Perez Garza

Mexico Raquel Perez Garza


I'd like to give a recognition to Henk for his professional work and also from his team work on helping me and my husband on selecting the best mortgage available in the market according to our needs and preference in the Netherlands. What I like from Expat Mortgage, is th...

Kate van Asselt

Verenigde Staten Kate van Asselt


When looking for a new home in the Netherlands, we were quite confused about the different options for a mortgage. We had owned a home before in the United States, but weren't really clear on how the Dutch system worked. After talking to other mortgage advisors from large ...

Cheryl Vos

Nieuw-Zeeland Cheryl Vos


Henk Jansen came with high praise and recommendation, referred to us by friends that had just secured a property in Amsterdam using his services. Our experience couldn't have been any better. From the moment of our first consultation, we knew we were in excellent care. Hen...

Siddharth Gupta

India Siddharth Gupta


Hi Chris
Thanks a lot to you guys for the great service ! We really appreciate the helpful attitude which really made us comfortable and gave us confidence to go through the daunting task of buying property in a foreign land....

Grigoris Ntokos & Vaida Rulinskaite

Griekenland  litouwen Grigoris Ntokos & Vaida Rulinskaite


We would definitely recommend Henk, who was our mortgage advisor in May 2012.
He is trustworthy and reliable and was throughout the process at our disposal for any questions and consultations. Great quality of service, taking the time to explain concepts and provide ideas...

Marc Desmons & France Blanchard

Frankrijk  canada Marc Desmons & France Blanchard


We have hired Expat Mortgage (Henk) to secure our first mortgage in the NL. As this is our first house that we buy in NL, we wanted to be assisted by someone that understands the limitation of expats when it comes to the complexity of buying a house and getting a mortgage...

Shamin Shahul Hameed

India Shamin Shahul Hameed


Dear Bart,
Bedankt. I appreciate the commitment and professionalism from you as well as all your colleagues with the entire process.
Thank you very much for being through the entire process right from the start...

 Igor Kuznetsov & Jelena Meresmana

Verenigde Staten  Letland Igor Kuznetsov & Jelena Meresmana


I am an expat with a 30% ruling and I don’t speak or read Dutch. Having lived less then 2 year in the Netherlands Chris made it possible for us to buy our own home! After first bank rejected our application on a technicality Chris was able to get us an approval from anot...

Michael Assman

United Kingdom Michael Assman


Henks indepth knowledge made assuring a mortgage seem easy and painless.He made a complicated subject understandable for us as first time buyers in the Netherlands. Furthermore Henk's network of professional contacts helped us to sort out other issues arround tax and insur...

 Vladimir & Ana Obradovic

servie Vladimir & Ana Obradovic


Kupovina nekretnine u stranoj zemlji nije ni malo jednostavan proces. Poznavanje pravih i pouzdanih ljudi koji raspolazu tacnim, preciznim i pravovremenim informacijama igra kljucnu ulogu. U mom slucaju Henk je bio upravo to, vrhunski profesionalac i izvanredan finansijski i h...

Sonja Keerl

Duitsland Sonja Keerl


January 13, 2012  

© Andrea de Poda
Most of us, when coming to the Netherlands, rent a place somewhere. It’s the best way to start up new – get to know the country, the area and...

Kent Stobbart

United Kingdom Kent Stobbart


Chris and the Expat Mortgages Team:

Another satisfied customer I guess, thanks a lot to all of you involved in helping us get to the house we wanted. It seemed so effortless!

Thanks again, and I hope I can ensure some referrals....

 Nirjhar Chatterjee

belgie Nirjhar Chatterjee


Beste Chris
Heel bedankt voor uw ADVICE en Champagne!!!!
Deze en volgende maand ik veel reis -- ik bel u snel voor een afsprak...


Daniel Muente Mostajo & Gareth Hawker

peru  nieuw-zeeland Daniel Muente Mostajo & Gareth Hawker


Buying a house in a foreign country sounds very hard, but thanks to Henk we managed to have a very smooth and pleasant process. Henk didn't only advise us what type of mortgage would suit us better but he did this in the most friendly and patient manner, explaining in deta...

Katya Ganyuskina & Ralph van Eijk

rusland  the netherlands Katya Ganyuskina & Ralph van Eijk


We with my husband had a pleasure this year already for the 2nd time become the clients of Expat Mortgages and Chris van Maasdijk as our advisor.

I am 30% rulling expat and my husband is Dutch. 3 years ago were buying our own house and i was advised by Relocation Compan...

Yury Antonov & Anna Golubeva

rusland Yury Antonov & Anna Golubeva


We moved and the shock starts to wear off (shock from the moving...).

 On Thursday we were also a bit in a shock )))

But anyway - me & Anna would like to say THANK YOU to both of you!...

 Andrei Sharafullin

wit-rusland Andrei Sharafullin


Henk assisted me with buying an apartment. In spite of the fact that it was extremely challenging venture and nobody believed in success Henk helped me to meet all the deadlines and was providing continuous explanations during whole process. His high level of competency along ...

 Pablo Vercelli & Carmen Navas Atienza

argentinie Pablo Vercelli & Carmen Navas Atienza


I contacted Expat Mortgages because a colleague of mine recommended them to me, therefore my expectations were high. They showed great professionalism throughout the entire purchasing process, always making sure all critical details were clear to me and advising me where neces...

Kelly van Krieken & Simon van Wyk

nederland  zuid-afrika Kelly van Krieken & Simon van Wyk


We'd like to thank you and your team very much for the effort put in to secure us not only a mortgage, but the entire amount of our renovations! We both agree that your service was excellent, as were the results. I think that the value for money we got with you guys was ou...

Anton Minko

oekraine Anton Minko


Henk carried me out through the process of buying apartment by giving proper advises on time and finding the cheap mortgage for me. As a result, it took less than a month from the moment of saying 'I'll take it' to getting keys from my new apartment.
Anton Min...

Tyler Shi

china Tyler Shi


Hi Bart,
I appreciate your professional and friendly work during the whole process and it has been really a positive experience for me to work with you so as to make this mortgage arrangement seamless and smooth. Now I am very happy living in my new house...

Deppe Tjandra

indonesie Deppe Tjandra


"Expat Mortgages is a one-stop mortgage shop. They make the process of acquiring mortgage very easy. My experiences dealing with Richardo and Chris have been very pleasant. Both are knowledgeable in the subject matters and willing to go out of their way to service their c...

Steve Nobs

zwitserland Steve Nobs


I immigrated to Netherlands from Switzerland and was looking for an apartment to buy in Amsterdam. I found Expat Mortgages through Internet search and was quickly convinced to have gotten to the right place. After a first briefing call and personal meeting with Bart van Heijst...

Chris Springham

United Kingdom Chris Springham


When we contacted Chris van Maasdijk at Expat Mortgages we found someone who, throughout the complicated process of buying a property in central Amsterdam has treated our investment and our money with the same care that he would treat his own. 

Mohsen Alirezaei & Faridehossadat Hajy Akbary

Iran Mohsen Alirezaei & Faridehossadat Hajy Akbary


We really appreciate the Expat Mortgage team especially Richardo Cruz Fortes for his kindly help. For us it seemed extremely hard to apply for mortgage in a foreign country, but it was like a piece of cake with their help. That is why we strongly recommend your company to our ...

Micah Thorner

USA Micah Thorner


Bart was a tremendous help throughout my very complicated house-buying ordeal. He was very patient and calm and very good at answering my numerous questions. I am very glad I had him to help me through the process.

Michael Hochstrasser & Kate willis

Zwitserland  United Kingdom Michael Hochstrasser & Kate willis


Following the advice of a friend and work colleague, we contacted Chris at Expat Mortgages for his professional help in securing the best mortgage for us as expatriates. Chris responded quickly and efficiently to our enquiry and was thorough and organised in the options he p...

 Barbara Bojar

polen Barbara Bojar


When I started to consider buying my own place in Amsterdam, I was lost as how different it is to go about the morgage than in US. I met with a few Dutch Morgage Brokers and none of them could give me direct answers to my questions not mentioning some estimations for my morgag...

Nazish Zaidi

United Kingdom Nazish Zaidi


Hi Henk and Team,

Thanks a lot for your help along the course of the year.
It has been very much appreciated.
And thanks for the “something nice’’ too...

Sara & Morgan Thomas

Ireland  Zuid-Afrika Sara & Morgan Thomas


Our experience of working with you, and your office staff, has at all times been exceptional AND beyond what we expected - as far as the results you got for us.
I am very aware that YOU were the reason the agent actually had the seller accept our offer. Thank you for that...

Gianpiero Pedone & Claude Girault Merck Millipore

italie  frankrijk Gianpiero Pedone & Claude Girault Merck Millipore


If you are a foreigner who doesn't speak Dutch and you're looking for
buying a house in the Netherlands, we highly recommend Chris and the
team of Expat Mortgages. They explain the many mortgages existing in
Holland and advise you which one fits you the ...

 Michael Welch & Claudia Abt

Verenigde Staten  Duitsland Michael Welch & Claudia Abt


Hi Henk,

We would like to again express our appreciation for the services of Expat Mortgages on our behalf.
Your sense of detail and follow-up was (is) very much appreciated. A great...

 Amy Johnston

Verenigde Staten Amy Johnston


"Richardo is extremely knowledgeable and is great at explaining options, answering questions, and making well-thought-out recommendations. He always presents information with my situation in mind, which makes it much easier for me to understand the mortgage process. I fee...

 Mateusz & Aleksandra Kocot

polen Mateusz & Aleksandra Kocot


Words are not enough to thank Henk and the team at Expat Mortgages for their professional assistance through the mortgage process.
Expat made the process really easy for us and gave us many good advice and practical help...

 Svetlana Filonova

wit-rusland Svetlana Filonova


Henk is a very result oriented and highly competent professional with passion to what he is doing. Henk is an excellent partner to work with, he ensures that he has a very good understanding of the customer’s requirements and keeps you constantly informed on the progress...

 Ivan Shubin

oekraine Ivan Shubin


I was advised from my real-estate agent to use services of Expat Mortgages. At a first appointment we noticed how highly professional they are. Our adviser was Richardo Cruz Fortes and he clearly explained us all the benefits and pitfalls of every type of mortgage as well as a...

Prithvi Mereddy & Neetha Reddy Palwai

India Prithvi Mereddy & Neetha Reddy Palwai


I got to know Expat mortgages at one of those housing seminars they organize for expats. I have to say I was completely blown away by the kind of services for expats provided by them. For starters, they gave all the required information in English only and not Dunglish(no offe...

Rahul Chawla

India Rahul Chawla


Netherlands , a place where you expect delivery of your new car in 2-4 months , an appointment for mortgage in 5 weeks ( 3 weeks if you are lucky) I thought I was smart in already starting the mortgage process for the house 2 months before actually finalizing the house. Though...

 Arindam Ray Mukherjee

India Arindam Ray Mukherjee


Expat Mortgages was recommended to me by a colleague who had had a great experience with them. I got in touch with them right at the beginning of my quest for a suitable flat. Although I took quite a long time to look for a flat, Chris kept in touch with me all the while, appr...

 David Pitts

United Kingdom David Pitts


A colleague of mine bought an apartment in Amsterdam last year and recommended Expat Mortgages to me. I can now second this, the whole process ran very smoothly and efficiently (much less stress than my previous experiences of buying property in the UK). Expat Mortgages also h...

 Carl Allen

Verenigde Staten Carl Allen


I was completely impressed with the support provided by Expat Mortgages in general, and Chris specifically, during the mortgage process. Expat Mortgages navigated me through the Dutch Mortgage process in a very professional and effective manner. All documents provided clear in...

Alexander Schönhuth

Duitsland Alexander Schönhuth


Having been used to renting before, the Dutch housing market posed major challenges to us. However, what felt like a lot of pain at the beginning felt like a truly pleasant procedure after we had got to know Expat Morgages through word-by-mouth recommendation. We were advised ...

Burc Sade

turkije Burc Sade


After living on rent for about a year, it was time to move on, take that big step and buy a house in the Netherlands. I had been hearing about my friend's experiences and knew that having nationality of a non-EU country would make things harder. After getting information f...

 Adrian Kearney & Valia Kapetanaki

United Kingdom  griekenland Adrian Kearney & Valia Kapetanaki


We had decided to buy a house in The Hague before we had actually relocated to The Netherlands. After a brief search of the market we didn't feel comfortable to go alone with our lack of Dutch and limited knowledge of the market and procedures for buying a house here. We f...

 Graham Ormsby

United Kingdom Graham Ormsby


I was living as an expat in the Netherlands for 2 years when I made the decision to buy a house due to a change in my personal circumstances. I was renting a small appartment but soon required a larger appartment when my girlfriend expected our first child. I first looked into...

 Agnieszka Dabska

polen Agnieszka Dabska


Dear All,

I have been advised to use the Expat Mortgages after I’ve experienced that not all advisors had a good understanding of expat rules when applying for the mortgage loan. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service that I received. My advisor was R...

Laura Dimaiuta & Wilfried Walczak

italie  frankrijk Laura Dimaiuta & Wilfried Walczak


Because we don’t speak Dutch and we are not familiar with the Dutch system and had the idea of buying an apartment in Amsterdam, a colleague of mine recommended us Expat-Mortgages and more specifically Chris. I can’t tell you enough how much he helped us, how much ...

 Jan & Helena Janovova Malik

Frankrijk  nederland Jan & Helena Janovova Malik


For bigger investments it is always advisable to work with professionals. Being expats in Netherlands and looking for a new house, we naturally contacted Expat Mortgages. Chris promptly reacted to our original mail inquiry, and soon we were sitting face to face with him, Chris...

 Antonella Di Candia

italie Antonella Di Candia


thank you...thank you.....thank you...thank you.....thank you...thank you.....
thank you...thank you.....thank you...thank you.....thank you...thank you.....
thank you...thank you.....thank you...thank you.....thank you...thank you.....
thank you...thank you.......

 Igor Paniushkin

oekraine Igor Paniushkin


A friend of mine recommended Henk, because he got his mortgage with the help of Henk. Henk explained all my options and listened to all my wishes. He was able to offer the mortgage that I needed and wanted. I had not any problems with paperwork; his team translated and explain...

 Virenchee Palande

India Virenchee Palande


About the mortgage adviser, his name is Henk Jansen from Expat Mortgages in Amsterdam
He has knowledge & experience of mortgage possibilities for different cases.
He is very professional & will always work in your interests as has been..

Tayfun & Bilge Biyikoglu

turkije Tayfun & Bilge Biyikoglu


This is a sincere thank note to Chris and rest of the team for the excellent service that we received.
From our point of view buying a house has always been an exciting event and Expat Mortgages enabled us to enjoy it. They assisted us throughout the whole process...

 Omry Rom & Keren Karni

Duitsland Omry Rom & Keren Karni


We would like to thank Chris and the rest of the expat mortgages team for a great,
fast, friendly and reliable service that made the not so easy experience of taking out our first mortgage
much easier and less stressful...

 Liz Wang

china Liz Wang


Dear all from Expat Mortgages,

Thanks for your help with my house purchase. Send my appreciation to your excellent service. And wish all the best to you guys and girl...

Yao Yu

china Yao Yu


Henk helped me in choosing the best mortgage according to my personal situation, in applying the mortgage from the bank and in related service like notary, tax agent, etc when buying a real estate. Besides the standard service he provided me as a mortgage agent, he always came...

 Panos Psychogios

Griekenland Panos Psychogios


Out of pure luck I got to work with Bart and the rest of the team of
Expat Mortgages for my apartment. Bart was very helpfull and prompt to
answer any questions
During the whole process, Bart was explaining...


 Paul Turner

United Kingdom Paul Turner


There is no way we would have been able to pull off the impossible feat of buying a property in The Netherlands in such a short time frame before actually living there, without the advice and expertise from Chris and his team at Expat Mortgages. The contact with Expat Mortgage...

Ian Catt

australie Ian Catt


The service that I received from Bart and Expat mortgages was exceptional (detailed and thorough) and extremely professional. As an Expat living in Amsterdam and buying a property for the first time in a foreign country, the quality of service, advice and explanation that Bart...

Sener Geladin & Daniela Cristea

roemenie Sener Geladin & Daniela Cristea


Dear Richardo and Chris,

We are happy to find out that everything went well.

I must thank you (all your team members actually) for your effort to arrange this mortgage for us...

 Jose R. Flores

mexico Jose R. Flores


Words are not enough to thank Expat-Mortgages for their professional assistance through the mortgage process.
Bart van Heijst guided me through all the in's and out's of the " hypotheek" application labyrinth, always in a clear and easy way to understand...

Begum Cetiner

turkije Begum Cetiner


Hi Henk and Hi Richardo,

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you have done.

I am glad that I worked with you on this process and also told Ayse that I am thankful to her for recommending you to me...

 Nimalke Senaratne

United Kingdom Nimalke Senaratne


I have only good things to say about my experience of using Expat Mortgages.

Chris van Maasdijk was great at walking me through all of my mortgage options and gave me some great advice on house purchasing here in the Netherlands.

I didn't end up getting a Mak...

Chromewell & Marcicel Cuizon

filipijnen Chromewell & Marcicel Cuizon


Hello everybody at Expat Mortgages,

Thank you very much!
Words are not enough to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you.
Keep up the good work...

Stephen Fremder

Verenigde Staten Stephen Fremder


My wife and I decided to work with Chris at Expat Mortgages because of his thorough understanding of the Dutch home financing process and his ability to clearly explain it to us. He spent as much time with us as we wanted while we examined other mortgage brokers and gave us va...

Larry Chacon

venezuela Larry Chacon


"I just need to say that Henk Jansen is one of the best advisers that I met during my search for mortgage to buy my actual house. I decided to arrange my mortgage with his company Expat Mortgages. My wife and me have the same opinion that Henk is a very enthusiastic perso...

  Rostyslav & Tetiana Yosypenko

rusland Rostyslav & Tetiana Yosypenko


Henk did a great job for us by helping to arrange our mortgage for the apartment. He has provided us with a real professional services with a excellent explanations about the mortgage market. We have feel ourselves very secured and are happy that we have worked...

 Iris Simon & Eugene Moriarty

United Kingdom  ierland Iris Simon & Eugene Moriarty


Dear Henk,

Many thanks to you and your team for helping us buying our house.
You made the process really easy for us and gave us many good advice and practical help...

Andrew &  Laura Muggleton

United Kingdom Andrew & Laura Muggleton


Henk is very personable and takes time to listen, understand and provide excellent, knowledgeable and detailed results. I will definitely use his services again and highly recommend him. For Ex-pats in Amsterdam looking to buy a house, Henk should be your first stop...

 Craig Welsh

United Kingdom Craig Welsh


"Henk did a great job helping us choose the right mortgage. He is extremely personable, and fantastic at explaining the complexities of getting a mortgage in the Netherlands. Extremely professional, I would strongly recommend Henk and his Expat Mortgages team for expats l...

 Scott Dickinson

australie Scott Dickinson


'We found Chris and the team at Expat Mortgages to be a wonderfully professional and friendly team. Chris’ support from our initial contact through to the completion of the purchase documents was invaluable. He took the time to thoroughly explain the finance scenario...

Christo Greyling

zuid-afrika Christo Greyling


"I would recommend Henk to anyone who needs sound advice and professional service. He know's his field, and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure his clients receive the best possible deals. He and his team is highly responsive and timely! Thanks Henk - you deserv...

Konstantinos Aloimonakis & Dafni Lionaki

Griekenland Konstantinos Aloimonakis & Dafni Lionaki


We really appreciate the support and service we received from Expat Mortgages. Their services was responsible, transparent and professional. Within two months from our first appointment, we had our mortgage approved. This type of the service is what we have been looking for an...

Gozde & Murat Tursun

turkije Gozde & Murat Tursun


Dear Henk,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and your team members for the excellent service, support and assistance during this difficult process. It is our luck and pleasure to work with you. We will always remember your efforts...

 Bhrijesh Patel & Lorena Jauregui

United Kingdom  duitsland Bhrijesh Patel & Lorena Jauregui


Foreign country, foreign language, foreign rules...buying a house in the Netherlands was made stress free by Chris and his team at Expat Mortgages. I was apprehensive of getting into all the paperwork of a mortgage in a foreign country and all the rules involved. Chris made it...

Mayank Khare

indonesie Mayank Khare


Bart has helped us intensively with our house mortgage. His personalized approach and expertise with professionalism is highly appreciated. All the house documents were translated in English or explained to us separately. Support continued even after mortgage process was over....

 David Rodriguez Aguilera

Spanje David Rodriguez Aguilera


I have always been concerned of all complicated "paper work". When you're abroad, and don't know the rules, sometimes not even the language, concern becomes scare. This could be one of the reasons I was procrastinating to buy a place. A friend of mine recomme...

Marcele Gowie & Steven Bramble

United Kingdom Marcele Gowie & Steven Bramble


Dear Henk,

Expat Mortgages are a great firm. Henk was really patient with us and understood our anxieties as we were first time buyers and didn't know what property we could afford. We asked a million and one questions and Henk answered all of them...

 Scott Sentianin

Verenigde Staten Scott Sentianin


I was recommended to Henk by a colleague of mine who used Henk for his mortgage. Upon the first meeting, I knew that Henk was very knowledgable of my needs and how to translate them into a mortgage that suits me. He is an expert in what he does and that shows in his work.

 Patrik Birkhofer

zwitserland Patrik Birkhofer


Henk and his team has provided excellent financial advise despite a very tight time-schedule. He is an absolute expert in his field and one feels comfortable with his suggestions right from the start. What he and his team promised came true or even better. I can recommend Henk...

 Willem Malherbe

zuid-afrika Willem Malherbe


Henk is a seasoned professional who has a good understanding of the needs of his expat customers. He was courteous in his manner yet managed to be clear in his recommendations and in the end delivered a thoroughly professional...

 Hedley Barnes

United Kingdom Hedley Barnes


Henk was very honest, open and extremely helpful with setting up our mortgage here in the Netherlands. His knowledge was very deep and recommedations and insights extremely useful. I would happily recommend his services

Hedley Barnes...

 Grzegorz Pilat & Aleksandra Bury

polen Grzegorz Pilat & Aleksandra Bury


Dear All!

We would like say to all of you THANK YOU VERRY MUCH! for all what you did for us.
We can not imagine how we could arrange all this stuff without your help. But thanks to you it was a piece of...

Professor D.A Pascoe

United Kingdom Professor D.A Pascoe


Buying a house is a challenging enough process, but to do so in another country, during the current crisis, is still more daunting. I came to Expat Mortgages through several word of mouth of recommendations, and from my very
first meeting with Chris, it was clear that he ...

 Alexander Kristenko

rusland Alexander Kristenko


"In this turbulent time Bart helped me arranging mortgage and did it on a tight schedule. He accompanied me all the way from the very beginning, when I didn't even know what kind of house I want and can afford to buy, to when the keys were finally in my pocket. Thanks...

 Bratislav Zivadinovic

peru Bratislav Zivadinovic


After three years living in the Netherlands I decided it was the right time to buy my first property. After visiting several houses for months I found a house that fully met my requirements, after negotiations I had a deal on my hand.
I thought that in the same manner how...

Lindsay Ozero & Ken Grundon

nederland  united kingdom Lindsay Ozero & Ken Grundon


‘Bart was very thorough in explaining all aspects of the mortgage process and helped us make good decisions. We are now completely set up and secure in our first home in Amsterdam. Bart and the entire team from Expat Mortgages were extremely helpful and accessible at all...

Hilary & Richard Scott

United Kingdom Hilary & Richard Scott


Dear Chris,
Thank you so much for all your help, you have been amazing and we could not have done it without you.

With regards...

Hassan Mahtat & Nafila Maani

nederland  marokko Hassan Mahtat & Nafila Maani


"Being foreigners in the Netherlands, not understanding the Dutch language and not familiar at all with the mortgage system, buying an apartment can be qualified as your ultimate nightmare. Yet, Expat Mortgages made our nightmare a dream; advised by a friend (Jaap), we go...

Nedim Sabah

turkije Nedim Sabah


Dear Henk and Sandra,

I would like to express my gratitude for both your and Henk’s sincere helps, professional approach and friendship.
It has been an utmost pleasure to work with you...

 J.S. Chang

zuid-korea J.S. Chang


I would like to recommend Expat Mortgages
This is a absolute solution for foreigner who is looking for sweet home in the Netherlands.
It took some time for me to finalize moving-in great house which is...

 Jaco van Rooijen

zuid-afrika Jaco van Rooijen


Dear Henk,

"As an expat, I tried to figure out how to organize a home loan in the Netherlands and came to the conclusion that it is impossible if you cannot fund a 10% deposit. But Henk specializes in difficult home loans and he made the seemingly impossible come t...

 Ian O'Malley

ierland Ian O'Malley


Dear Henk,

"Henk and the team at Expat Mortgages were very helpful throughout the purchase process. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. One of the best aspects of the service is that I feel I can contact Henk at anytime and he is always happy...

  Fariya Sharmeen & Abu Toasin Md Oakil

bangladesh Fariya Sharmeen & Abu Toasin Md Oakil


We really appreciate the support and service we received from Expat Mortgages. Their effort was genuine, complete and very very professional. We do not think owning a house would have been this convenient if it was not for Expat Mortgages. Henk is a great professional and a tr...

 Ezio Morresi

brazilie Ezio Morresi


"Henk and his team (Bart and Sandra) were outstanding in the service they provide me. They were responsible to find a solution to buy my first house in Netherlands. I'm Brazilian and I was finding several problems to get a mortgage since I am not an EU citizen. Henk a...

 Oliver Owers-Gibbs

United Kingdom Oliver Owers-Gibbs


I would absolutely recommend Expat Mortgages to anyone who is looking for a mortgage and is not familiar with the dutch house buying process. They provided me with an efficient, extremely informative and exceptionally helpful and friendly service which did far more than I coul...

 Victor Patatag

filipijnen Victor Patatag


It's not so irrelevant to other testimonials that I’d read since we had the same outcome of appreciation to Expat Mortgage service. But I have to grab my chance to thank these guys working in Expat-Mortgages especially Henk Jansen who plays a major rule for...

 Edgar Delfin

filipijnen Edgar Delfin


I would like to thank the ‘Expat Mortgages’ for the great services that they provided. It was truly an impressive job.
Henk was very supportive in every step on the way. It really shows how knowledgeable and experience this people are, the way they work and ta...

Dominic Seldis

United Kingdom Dominic Seldis


" As an expat who really wanted to put down roots in Holland, I needed a company that could steer me through the jungle that is the Dutch mortage/tax/legal system. Expat mortagegs were there every step of the way from start to finish, with sound advice and a reassuring sm...

 Pavlovic Gordan & Maja Vucinic

kroatie Pavlovic Gordan & Maja Vucinic


"Henk did outstanding job in helping us purchase our first home.
During the process Henk answered on all of our questions directly while making sure that we understand the answers as well as all the risks associated with our decisions. He was really patient and suppo...

 Luciano Kohan

Spanje Luciano Kohan


"El servicio altamente profesional prestado por Henk fue fundamental para la adquisición de mi vivienda. El trato personal y su extenso conocimiento del sector fueron parte...

 Paddy Smith

United Kingdom Paddy Smith



Thanks to your and your teams help I am very much enjoying my house and slowly re-decorating it. I have spoke to a few other people who are looking for mortgages and pointed them in...

Govind Chaturvedi

India Govind Chaturvedi


Henk and his colleagues (at expat - mortgages) were of excellent help to me during the whole mortgage approval process. They were always available to help and guide me through the whole process. Their after sales services were also top notch. I highly recommend Henk and his co...

Scott & Rebecca Ashby

australie Scott & Rebecca Ashby


Dear Chris,

Please allow us to say again a huge thank you for your help and advice over the past few months. You have been an essential consultant throughout the entire process and we would be glad to recommend your services to anyone looking to...